Madhavan’s Request To Government Regarding Their “Recorded Phone Call Awareness” !!


For past few days, We have been hearing a computer voice creating awareness on how to prevent coronavirus from spreading on every first call we make. The voice, innovatively starts with a “cough” to indicate that it is about the deadly virus which is threatening the world. However, many of us would have thought that the person whom we called is coughing due to illness as we are completely unaware of this movie of India’s health ministry.

Though it is a laudable initiative to create awareness against the disease, many of the citizens are displeased with the “cough” sound at the very start of the recorded female computerised voice. In a way of representing every citizen of India, popular pan Indian actor Madhavan has posted a tweet by addressing the ministry of health, to express his opinion on their move to avoid corona virus.

Coronavirus is one of the dangerous threat as of now across the world. The disease started infecting in China and caused several deaths. Now it has been reported that the disease started spreading in India which resulted in three persons in Kerala getting hospitalized few days ago. The lethal disease has killed more than 1100 people in China and has spread to over 20 countries across the world. The most shocking news about it is, that there were few cases reported in Tamilnadu as well.

According to the tweets of Tamilnadu Health Minister, Dr. C. Vijaya Bhaskar, there is nothing to worry much about the virus.

Coming back to Madhavan’s tweet of the recorded voice call, the actor requested the government to avoid the “Cough” sound as he wants to believe that everyone he calls is healthy. “So tired of hearing everyone I call on the mobile nowadays “Cough” first and freak me out. … Only to realize it’s a message by the health ministry.. @MoHFW_INDIA great job.. great message ..but can we avoid the initial cough pls – I want to believe everyone I call is healthy”

Check out his tweet below :

Though the tweet was posted in a light manner, what Maddy requested was seconded by many of his followers and celebrities. Check out some of their reactions below :

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