Madhavan’s Heart Winning Reply To Fans Who Thrashed Him For “Maara” !!

Ranganathan Madhavan’s Tamil version of 2015 Malayalam blockbuster “Charlie” released on Amazon Prime on 8th of January. Since the release of the film, Madhavan is pretty much active in social media platforms to promote his film. Original version of the film had Dulquer Salmaan and Parvathy in the lead roles whereas the Tamil remake of it has Madhavan and Shradhdha Srininath playing the leads.


Many celebrities and fans were expressing their opinions about the film after watching it. Madhavan has been responding to almost most of them. Actress Kushbu came up with a tweet appreciating the film in her official twitter account. #Maara completely floored by its sheer magic. It’s poetic, feel good n brings a tear with a smile. Madhavan, Mouli sir, Shradhdha n the entire team, What a show! Marvellous!!! Director Dhilip you are brilliant” her tweet read.

In the comment section of Khushbu’s post, while many fans appreciated “Maara” for its feel good content and for the performance of the actors, a fan who felt disappointed, chose to vent out his emotions in the actress’s tweet. He who seems to have watched “Charlie”, criticized Madhavan by terming him as a “show spoiler”.

He said that the film is a below average one and openly criticized by saying that it is a pain for those who watched “Charlie” after first 30 minutes. “Seriously a below average movie and for people who have already watched Charlie, it’s just a pain to watch this movie after first 30mins. Seriously Maddy was the show spoiler in this movie. Such a sad and depressing character.” his tweet read.

This tweet grabbed the attention of the protagonist himself who came up with a reply tweet without losing his nerves. Maddy who apologized to the fan for disappointing him, pledged to give a better content next time. “Oops . Sorry to disappoint you bro. Will try and do better the next time . Folded hands” his reply read.

Check out his tweet below :



Earlier, a follower uploaded a tweet saying that Maara can never be a Charlie and Maddy liked it instead of ignoring it. A fan noticed this guesture from the actor and uploaded it as a separate tweet. Maddy replied to it writing “valzve Thavam, Anbe Sivam”

Here’s the tweet :

This humble reply from the pan Indian star impressed as many as 12k online users so far which is evident through the number of likes for his reply tweet. People also lauded the humble nature of the 50 year old actor through their lovable comments. “This shows why he is so success… Being humble and getting the feedbacks positively… Honestly movie is super awesome, I already watched it twice and still I can watch it again and again…” said a follower to express his love towards Maddy and Maara.

check out some of the reactions below :



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