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Replying to a statement of Chinmayi on Madhan Karky forcing her to invite his father for her wedding, the lyricist came up with a tweet saying that it is a lie. He said that Chinmayi wanted to invite Vairamuthu but he didn’t give appointment to her as he was upset with her. Madhan said that Chinmayi requested him to get an appointment of his father and went his house alone, touched his feet, got blessings before inviting him for her marriage.



Singer Chinmayi has been accusing veteran lyricist Vairamuthu of sexually harassing her for past three years. She accused him of demanding her to “cooperate” with him in the year 2005 or 2006 and of threatening to spoil her career. “In 17 years not one man in the industry across languages Hindi Tamil Telugu Malayalam Kannada Marathi has misbehaved. Not one man has indecently messaged me or touched me. My work place is mostly clean save for some bad apples. I call Vairamuthu (Sir) out alone and I dare.” Chinmayi said in one of her tweets that was posted on October 9, 2018.

Ever since, Chinmayi has been posting tweets accusing the lyricist of molesting several other girls by using his influence. She also became one of the representatives of South India’s “MeToo” movement and has been calling out the sexual predators. On Friday, a social media user uploaded a tweet accusing Chinmayi of diluting the PSBB issue by diverting it to get justice for her issue.

Replying to him, Chinmayi shared a similar tweet of another user and asked from whom they are getting paid to post tweets against her.

When one of the users said that they won’t get paid for copy pasting tweets, Chinmayi replied writing “Freeya indha velai panreengla maama? Nalladhu.”



Another twitter user named Charlie replied to the tweet of Chinmayi, demeaning her mother by alleging that she asked her daughter of get blessings from a man who sexually harassed her. Replying to him, Chinmayi said that Madhan Karky is the one who tortured her to invite her father. “Even after saying that his father molested me, he is a kind of person who would ask me to invite him”

“Karky and Nandini invited first. He kept asking appava kooptacha kooptacha.
I hadnt spoken to my in laws. There was too much pressure and I decided to invite him anyway. There is no doubt that molester enablers will never understand.”
Chinmayi replied to another user.

A twitter user quoted Chinmayi’s allegation and requested Madhan Karky to comment on it. “It’s a direct accusation on @madhankarky , until now it was only against your dad, so it was unfair to expect a reaction from you. Now that she has directly accused you, do you have an answer sir? If this is true pls apologize else expose.” the user demanded a reply from Karky and the young lyricist replied writing “This is just another lie. She wanted to invite my dad for her wedding. But my dad did not give appointment as he was upset with her. She requested me to get an appointment. I got it for her. She went to his house alone, touched his feet, got blessings and invited him.”

When a user asked why he was “upset” with her, Madhan said “My dad penned a song for this 2011 event and coordinated a concert with a few singers. She agreed to perform. The day before the event she called him to say she cannot come as she had accepted another event. He was upset with her unprofessional behaviour.”

Madhan Karky also retweeted a screen shot of Chinmayi’s 2018 tweet in which she could be seen saying that the invitations of her wedding were handled by PROs.

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“If a group of people hate your family and throw baseless accusations on your dad or mom, and your parent denies those accusations, who will you trust? I trust my dad. If the concerned people believe they have truth on their side, let them take it to the legal authorities.” Karky’s next tweet read.

“That’s also true. Anyway if Karky is saying it is a lie, maybe it is time to remind him about all the times he mentioned how he knows his father harassed women; I thankfully had witnesses to this phone call since I spoke on speaker mode. He said he and Nandini stand by me.” Chinmayi replied when she was asked to answer on Karky’s denial.


“He will deny that ALSO. He is a serial liar and now I know he is an enabler.
This I said in the Silverscreen interview as well. I have whatsapp screenshots of the conversation. He is taking advantage of my decency. But I wont stoop to his crappy level.”
she further said.

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