Madan’s Wife Krithika’s Comment On Audi Car Caused Hilarious Trolls In Social Media !!

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CM / Updated: 2021-07-06
17:01 IST

A comment made by Madan’s wife in a recent press meet on Audi car caused hilarious trolls in social media platforms. She who denied all the accusations that were made against herself and her husband Madan, said that they don’t own luxurious cars but only having an “Audi A6”. Reporters who were present at the press meet, immediately asked whether “Audi A6” couldn’t be considered as a luxurious car but Krithika didn’t answer them and continued to deny that the other cars that were shown in media doesn’t belong to them. Now, social media users started trolling the statement of Madan’s wife based on the statement she made on “Audi Car”.


“Yo Audi, the car you are selling isn’t luxurious it seems” a twitter user said sarcastically whereas another one said that the press meet of Krithika makes him cry. A user went on to say that Audi can file a defamation case against Madan’s wife for her statement. Check out some of the reactions below :

May be an image of 2 people, car and text that says "Raiyan Ansr Raiyu 21m・ ஏன்டா கந்துவட்டி கோவிந்தா, நான் என்னமோ உன்னைய பெரிய சொகுசு காருனுலடா நினைச்சேன்... INA6815"



On Tuesday, Youtuber Madan’s wife Krithika appeared in front of press reporters, defending her husband who is in jail for using abusive words against women in a public forum. On Tuesday, it was reported that Goondas act has been charged against the youtuber. As a result of it, the accused’s wife Krithika who went to Commissioner office, met press reporters and defended the activities of her husband. She said that negativity is being spread against her husband who earned money through working 20 hours per day for his youtube channel.

“I am talking here only to brush off the negativities that are being spread against my husband. He never played the Chinese version of PUBG which is banned in India. He only plays the Korean version of the game” Krithika said in the press meet. “They are saying that 150 cases and 200 cases were filed against my husband. While going through it, me and my lawyer found that it is only four people who are complaining against him from various places” she further says.

Watch the press meet here :

“He has been playing PUBG for past three years and we never bought a property in the last 10 years. They say that we own two bungalows.” said Krithika who added that they never bought a “luxurious” car but only owning a Audi A6, worth of which is Rs. 60-70 lakh in India. “We are living in a rental house. He is working 20 hours a day and generating income from youtube and Super chat. Now, they have blocked the channel and he couldn’t do anything. Our livelihood has been affected as Police had confiscated even our house key” she could be seen saying in the press meet.

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