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LPG Cylinder Price Increased !!

LPG Cylinder


LPG Cylinder Price Increased !!

LPG cylinder price is hiked by Rs. 25 from 01.09.2021. Rs. 285 has been increased in a year. Recently, the price was increased on 17.08.2021. Last time Rs. 25 was increased resulting in Rs. 875 (in Tamil Nadu) for the cylinder. This has infuriated the people.


Liquified Petroleum Gas Cylinders are used in the majority of households in India. It is predominantly used for domestic purposes. LPG cylinders are easily accessible to everyone. Cylinders of weight 14.2 kilograms are supplied to people. The price hikes have always troubled the people irrespective of their classes. In 2021, till date Rs. 285 has been increased.

On September 01, 2021, the LPG cylinder rate increased by Rs. 25. The price has now reached Rs. 900 in Tamil Nadu. Cylinders for commercial use have been increased by Rs. 75


Seeing this news, many people have vented out their anger in the comments. Economist Aravind Srinivasan has also tweeted about the price hike.


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