LOTUS 365 ISSUE : “They Are Getting Rs. 60,000 – Rs 80,000 For This” – Advocate Questioned Celebrities !!

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Lotus 365, a gambling and betting company, has been making headlines since the beginning of IPL 2023. Despite facing a ban in February 2023, the company has been adding subscribers and running advertisements in newspapers featuring celebrities like Kajal Aggarwal, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Tamnnaah Bhatia, Niddhi Agerwal, Tejasswi Prakash, and Urvashi Rautela, among others. The list also includes Television and Online celebrities such as Amala Shaji who is enjoying 3.6 million followers in Instagram, Shivani, Losliya, Amritha Aiyer and others who also has a huge followership in online platforms.

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Advocate Vignesh Muthukumar

Advocate Vignesh Muthukumar who has been calling out the celebrities for endorsing the already banned app, in his recent video, mentioned that those celebrities are getting money triple the time of what they get regularly and slammed them for citing ignorance as a reason to endorse the app. Saying that a simple Google search would help them to know about the restriction of the app, the advocate said that those celebrities are clever enough to bargain when it comes to payment.


Amala Shaji of “Tik Tok” and Instagram fame, Losliya, Shivani of Tamil Bigg Boss fame and other known celebrities with huge number of followership in Internet can be subjected to legal case and face imprisonment till 1 year, said advocate Vignesh Muthukumar through his social media space. Expressing his displeasure over such influential personalities advertising app which is banned by the government, Muthukumar also asked his followers to make their opinions regarding the same.


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According to sources, the Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CCI) has taken notice of an advertisement that was published in both print and online media platforms. The advertisement claimed that the company is “India’s most trusted sports exchange since 2015”. The CCC has asked the company to provide evidence to substantiate their claims, and the celebrities endorsing the company have also been asked to respond on how they determined that the company’s claims were accurate before endorsing it.


The website was one of 138 betting portals banned last month for their Chinese affiliations. However, it has changed its domain from lotus365.com to lotus365.in and still operates as a customer care portal, taking users to WhatsApp, where they can register and deposit money for different games offered.


Despite the crackdown, the company continues to issue advertisements in newspapers and was also the principal sponsor of Asia Lions in the recently concluded Legends League Cricket. This has led to a clamor from netizens demanding a ban on betting sites like Lotus365.

There have been reports of users losing money and being unable to use the discounts offered by the company. Additionally, Lotus365 reportedly does not verify documents from new subscribers, failing to conform to standards of KYC verification. Users not registering through their website can directly contact them on the WhatsApp numbers given in the ads.

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While the ban has prevented users from installing the app and using its services, there are several other betting apps available under the title of Lotus365. This raises the question of why the website is still in operation and whether Google will call out its ambiguous operations.

The activities of Lotus365 have come under scrutiny following its ban and subsequent rebranding. Despite the ban, the company continues to operate through WhatsApp and issue advertisements in newspapers featuring celebrities. The lack of KYC verification and reports of users losing money have led to calls for a crackdown on betting sites like Lotus365.


Now, in a new video, Advocate Vignesh Muthukumar questioned “Youtube and Instagram influencers are ready to promote anything they want if they get paid. The reason behind why they are promoting these apps are, they will get three times more money than what they are regularly getting paid. If one gets Rs.20,000 for per post of other advertisement, for Lotus 365 kind of posts, they are getting between Rs. 60,000-Rs.80,000” Muthukumar said.

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“Few celebrities are saying that they didn’t know whether the app is banned or not. You know how to bargain while getting payment but don’t know about this ??” he asked. “A simple Google search is providing all the details about that app but not ready to know about the product you are endorsing ?” he further asked.

Watch the video below :

Here’s the other video he uploaded earlier regarding the same issue :

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