“Losliya, Mugen, Shivani Ellam Waste” – Contestants Of Bigg Boss Current Season

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3 months ago

A video that shows Bigg Boss season 6 contestants degrading the title winners of previous seasons and talking ill about the performance of other contestants is doing rounds in social media platforms. Contestants such as Azeem, Dhanalakshmi, Manikanta were seen involving in the conversation in which Dhana and Azeem said that contestants such as Losliya, Mugen, Aarav would have been gone unnoticed if they took part in the 6th season.


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Bigg Boss is a reality game show that is being hosted by political party leader, actor and filmmaker Kamal Haasan. The show will see 20 plus plus celebrity contestants locked into a house with weekly elimination based on audience’s vote. The one who survives till the 100th day with highest number of votes will be announced as the winner. So far, aspiring model and actor Aarav, “Madras” fame Riythvika and Malaysia based singer Mugen, actor Aari, TV star Raju have won the titles.

The Bigg Boss house is located in EVP film city, Poonammalle. The house includes a garden, pool, activity area and gym. It also contains two large bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, a storeroom, a smoking room, a jail, and four bathrooms. There is also a room exists named confession room where all private conversations between the housemates and Bigg Boss occur. The house is believed to prohibit television, telephones, internet and clocks.

The list of contestants of the 6th season included GP Muthu, Asal Kolaar, Mohammed Azeem, Ayesha, Robert Master, Sheriina Sam, Manikandan Rajesh, Rachitha Mahalakshmi, Ram Ramasamy, Dinesh Kanagarathnam, Janany Kunaseelan, Shanthi Aravind, Vikraman, Amudhavanan, Maheshwari, VJ Kathir, Queency Stanly, Nivaashiyini, Shivin Ganesan and Dhanalakshmi. With Shanthi, Asal Kolaar, Sherina and VJ Maheshwari getting evicted due to the less number of votes they received, GP Muthu walked out of the show.

So far, Shanthi, Asal Kolar, Sherina, VJ Maheshwari, Nivashini, Robert, Queency, Ram, Ayesha, Janany got evicted from the house with GP Muthu walking out of it. ZOne of the recent videos that is doing rounds shows Manikanta asking “How many days that kid stayed ?? The one who will sing ??” to which Myna replied saying that he stayed until the freeze task. “Three kids participated in that season that includes Shivani, Gabriella and Ajeedh” she further said.


Azeem interrupted saying “Avan ellam onnume pannala, Ajeedh, Gabi didn’t do anything” to degrade them. “Aajeedh, Shivani and even Rio didn’t do anything notable. No one knows why Nisha entered the house and Jithan Ramesh didn’t do anything notable as well”  he said.

Watch the video below :

In another video, Azeem said “If Rythvika took part in this season, she would have left without identity. Aarav also would have went unnoticed. People would have asked who Mugen and Dharshan are if they entered this season” In reply, Rachitha said “I have never seen these kind of rounds in any of the 5 seasons”

“Losliya, Mugen would have been eliminated within the initial weeks itself” Dhana responded.

Here’s the video :


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