Losliya Getting Thrashed For Degrading Comedy Legend “Vadivelu” !! They Just Got Irritated !!


Losliya is facing the wrath of social media users for allegedly degrading comedy legend Vadivelu in yesterday’s episode of BIGG BOSS show. Mugen Rao, one of the contestant compared Losliya’s dance moves with Vadivelu to which she harshly asked Mugen not to downgrade her by comparing her dance moves with Vadivelu.

Losliya’s morning dance moves has separate fan base in Social media platforms. Yesterday when she randomly made a move, Mugen, one of the male contestant in Bigg Boss show said “When I see you doing these moves, I remember Vadivelu’s moves in “Monalisa” song in Mr.Romeo movie”

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Losliya who seemed to be not aware of the song immediately said that she doesn’t like Mugen downgrading the other contestants in the house in daily basis. While clarifying it to him Losliya said “Even if you say it as a humour, it would hurt people’s feelings according to their situation. Obviously I like myself very much. When you compared me there, I seriously got hurt. This kind of habit of yours might hurt other contestants as well” said Losliya to Mugen.

After listening to Losliya, Mugen politely asked apologize to her by saying that he likes her very much as a friend. He also assured that it would not happen again. However viewers not impressed very much with what Losliya did. On seeing her making an issue out of a comic comparison of Mugen, many said that comparing her with Vadivelu is a downgrade for Vadivelu. Check out some of their reactions here :

What do you think on this behaviour of Losliya ?? Comment your views below !!


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