“Lord Ram Belongs To Nepal” – Nepalese PM !!


On Monday, July 13, Nepalese Prime minister KP Sharma Oli made a controversial statement which is all set to create furore. He said that Lorn Rama was born in Ayodhya village of Nepal and not in India as claimed. He made this bizarre claim while addressing a program to mark the birth anniversary of Bhanubhakta Acharya.

“Although real Ayodhya lies at Thori, city in west of Birnuj, India has claimed that Lord Rama was born there. Due to these continuous claims, even we have believed that deity Sita got married to Prince Rama of India. However, in reality, Ayodhya is a village lying in West of Birgunj”, he said.

PM Oli also accused India of cultural encroachment by “creating a fake Ayodhya”. “Till now we have remained under the belief that Ram, the man Sita married was an Indian. He was not. He was a Nepali. Balmiki Ashram is in Nepal and the holy place where king Dashrath’s son Ram was not an Indian and Ayodhya is also in Nepal”. he added.

“How lord Rama could come to Janakpur to marry Sita when there was no means of communication. It was impossible for Lord Rama to come to Janakpur from Ayodhya in India. Janakpur lies here and Ayodhya there and there is no talk of marriage. At that time, there was no telephone and mobile phone, then how could he know about Janakpur” Oli said. Janakpur in Dhanusa district of Nepal is mythologically revered as the birthplace of Sita.

Prime minister Narendra Modi visited the temple in 2018 and inaugurated a direct bus service to Ayodhya as a part of a “Ramayan” circuit. At that time, he also visited the 20th century Janaki temple, dedicated to Sita in Nepal and announced a Rs. 100 crores package to develop Janakpur.

Now, this statement from the Prime minister of nepal has shocked the Internet users who came up with various mind of reactions. Check out some of their reactions below :

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