List Of 9 Beach Restaurants In Chennai Which You Should Must Visit On A Sunday !!

CM / Updated: 2017-12-01
17:43 IST

Nothing can be paralleled to the feel of having delicious food with your special someone in the shore of a sea, with the sea breeze giving a cozy feel, the romantic scene set by the candle light, best melody tunes scoring in the background.

Though this is not possible in every city. But for a city like Chennai, with lots of beaches provides a great advantage of having romantic beach restaurants. Most of such restaurants are locateed in the OMR belt…

1.Sea Crest, MGM Resort

sea crest

Praised on Zomato for its exceptional sea views, live music, and romantic dining, Sea Crest is one of the most enchanting beach-facing restaurants in Chennai. Boasting incredibly romantic settings and backdrop, this restaurant located along the scenic East Coast Road is one of the exquisite finds of the area. A romantic date with your partner here is something you can’t afford to miss. The buffet is one of their specialties, don’t forget to give it a try. And the signature dishes of the restaurantt are Bon Bon, fish tikka, and garlic noodles.

Cuisine: Chinese, Continental, North Indian, South Indian, and Seafood

Cost for two: INR 1600 (includes alcohol) approximately

2. Kipling Cafe, Akkarai.

kipling cafe

Kipling Cafe tucked in the scenic environs along the East Coast Road is one of the most romantic restaurants in Chennai to visit with your beloved. Located in close proximity to the beach, it is known to serve a wide range of lip-smacking delicacies with soothing views. Free parking area, rooftop dining, and a separate smoking zone are other facilities available here. Breaded chicken, barbecue chicken pizza, and Norwegian Salmon are a few must try dishes

Cuisine: Continental, Thai, and Italian

Cost for two: INR 2400 approximately

3. The Wharf, Radisson Blu, Mahabalipuram compress image 23

The Wharf is a gastronomical delight and ideal for a romantic dining. Impeccable service and rustic interiors add to the charm of this wonderful restaurant located in the Mahabalipuram area. The tantalizing seafood delicacies topped with warm-lit environs make it ideal for lovebirds looking for some private moments by the sea. The well-maintained beach right next to the restaurant invites all for a romantic walk after having great food.Dont forget to try the Jumbo prawn, bruschettas, crab cake, beer, and breakfast buffet.

Cuisine: Seafood, Mediterranean, Italian, and North Indian

Cost for two: INR 3000 approximately.


4. Shiraz Art Cafe, Neelankarai

shiraz art cafe F

This one’s for you if you are looking for beach facing restaurants in Chennai that serve some of the most authentic middle eastern delicacies. Shiraz Cafe in the secluded environs of Neelankarai has all your worries addressed. Here the mood-lit environs overlooking the beach, breezy outdoors, and soulful sound of the waves hitting the seashore blend in to spark up the romance. Baked pita with hummus, Ghaimeh, and Shiraz Tea are the best of all.

Cuisine: Iranian, Continental, and Parsi.

Cost for two: INR 1000 approximately.


5. Brick House Bistro, Besant Nagar compress image 22

Another of the best beach restaurants in Chennai, Brick House Bistro is rated as an ideal place for couples to hang out. Come here to enjoy good food with your partner and behold the great Bay of Bengal as live music sets romantic melodious ambiance. Also known for its awesome decor and prompt service, Brick House Bistro is a must-visit for all couples looking for romantic dining in Chennai. Beef patty, chicken steak, hot dog, chicken burger, white sauce pasta, onion sandwich, and meat platter should be in the top of your list.

Cuisine: American

Cost for two: INR 600 approximately.


6. Hola, Besant Nagar


Offering great outdoor seating with a perfect sea view in sight, Hola in Besant Nagar area is one of the most scenic beachside restaurants in Chennai. The chic lighting and delicious food at the rooftop of this beach facing restaurant are just perfect for a romantic dining with your beloved. Grilled and continental dishes are their specialty that you shouldn’t miss at all. A few must dry dishes are Cilli mojito, Mushroom Chipotle, and Bond Special 007 Pizza.

Cuisine: Mexican, Italian

Cost for two: INR 600 approximately.


7. Bay View, Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove, Kovalam

bay view

Are you planning to take your better half for a romantic dining on your upcoming anniversary? Bay View is one of the perfect beachside restaurants in Chennai to make your memorable day even more special.With outdoor seating and live entertainment options available, you have a perfect setup for an exciting dining. Bay View by Fisherman’s Cove also has vegan and vegetarian dishes on their menu. The place is all about luxe and elegant dining!Your dining experience is not complete without trying Grilled Bay Prawns with Bay View signature spice, and kaikari chops

Cuisine: Seafood, South Indian

Cost for two: INR 4200 approximately


8. L’attitude 49, Mahabalipuram


Sit back tight at this classic sea beach restaurant near Chennai, located along the beaches in Mahabalipuram. A 2 hours drive away from Chennai, the restaurant has a well laid out seating arrangement by the beach; bamboo furniture is the highlight here.

It is a beautifully done place with perfect pool view and amazing cuisines in the offering. Buffet, outdoor seating and a smoking area are the perks of dining at L’attitude 49. You should try Mutton coconut crunch, sweet potato wedges, shepherd’s pie, and Alfredo chicken pasta

Cuisine: Continental, Seafood, Malaysian, and North Indian

Cost for two: INR 1800 approximately

9. Spectra, The Leela Palace, MRC Nagar


Considered as one of the best beach restaurants in Chennai, Spectra in The Leela Palace is the exotic combination of lavish and romantic dining. Apart from a full bar, they have a scrumptious buffet lunch, which is their specialty. It is a delight to dine here in the evening with your partner and enjoy the lovely dim-lit settings by the beach. Baba Ganoush, thin crust pizza, cheesecake, margarita pizza, and lunch buffet are the most delicious dishes.

Cuisine: North Indian, Asian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Continental, and Italian

Cost for two: INR 2500 approximately.

The Amounts Are Updated 6 Months Ago, Check If it is the same once you Visit !! 🙂

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