List Of 8 Places In Pondichery You Can Go Full On Shopping

CM / Updated: 2017-11-28
15:47 IST

We all know that Pondichery is famous for liquor and Auroville ofcourse. But did you know that Pondichery is a hotspot for shopping? Yes, Starting from designer wear, home decor and and even export surplus. Here are few things you should know before hitting Pondichery!

1. Janaki compress image 11Janaki is a project to promote conscious and sustainable living. This is a huge store with two floors full of apparel, pottery, aromatherapy products, hair and skin care products. Janaki is also home to Upasana, a design project from the heart of Pondicherry in Auroville. Following on the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, Upasana creates sustainable fashion and includes the weaving communities of Varanasi, and the fisherwoman affected by the 2004 tsunami in their work. While they do have a wide range of products, we’ve got our eyes on their indigo sarees and hand-painted skirts!

Address :


30, Romain Rolland Street, Puducherry

2. Casablanca compress image 12The biggest store in Pondicherry’s busiest street {Mission Street}, Casablanca is home to many independent designer labels. Most favorite of all is Naushad Ali, who is also based out of Pondy. Famous for his simple designs, anti-fit aesthetic and use of heritage fabrics including real fine cotton, Naushad Ali’s designs have a distinct resort feel to it. His collection ranges from indigo printed dresses and kurtas to organically dyed shirts for men and women.

Address : 


165, Mission Street, Heritage Town, Puducherry

3. Hidesign

leather goods

Hidesign, and a visit to their flagship store is a must when visiting the city. This 3-storey flagship store houses a wide variety of Hidesign products such as bags and wallets for men and women.

Address : 

Mission street, Pondichery.




4. Cluny Embroidery Centre


If you’re especially inclined towards vintage handwork, be prepared to fall in love with the exquisite work of the women at the Cluny Embroidery Centre. Cluny Embroidery Centre is run by sisters from the Cluny Convent and also has rooms to rent out to guests. Get your hands on classic French-Colonial embroidery of delicately cross-stitched floral patterns done on tablecloths, bed spreads, dinner sets, bath towels, table napkins and bed covers. Bonus — you get a taste of French heritage as the Centre is housed in a heritage building that was built in 1774.

Address : 

Cluny Embroidery Centre

Hotel Lagrenee De Meziere, 46, Rue Romain Rolland, White Town, Puducherry

5. Serenity beach bazaar

serenity 1 1

Set up on weekends, Serenity Beach Bazaar is one of Pondicherry’s most happening marketplaces. Located within walking distance from the sea, this market sells a wide range of products – from traditional handicrafts and attire to bags, accessories, ceramics and more.  Besides shops, there are several eating outlets where you can relish delicious snacks and refreshing beverages. Adjacent to the market, there is a beautiful garden area that adds to the overall charm of the marketplace.

6. Studio Ebony compress image 13

Studio Ebony is a haven for contemporary furniture made out of cane and wood. The selection includes lounge chairs, sofa sets, rocking chairs and dining tables with a minimalist design aesthetic. So if you’re looking to buy some beautifully designed furniture from Pondy, remember to also get the nearest movers’ number, as they don’t deliver to other cities.

Address : 

Studio Ebony

82, Canteen Street, MG Road Area, Puducherry




7. Anokhi compress image 15 1

Finally! Apparel with traditional block printing and dyeing techniques without the exorbitant price tags. Anokhi sells ethnic Indian women’s cotton wear with traditional block prints. They’re known for preserving Ajrakh, Bagru, Balotra and many other temple printing styles. Everything is stocked based on colour and design, so you can find exactly what you want. All you have to do is pick your size!

Address : 


1, Casern Street, White Town, Puducherry

8. Auroville

Auroville 1

One of the many interesting things to do at Auroville is shopping. The Visitors Centre in Auroville houses a number of stores selling a beautiful variety of products such as handicrafts, handmade items, soaps made with natural ingredients, perfumes, candles, books, clothes, organic products, jewellery and much more. You can buy beautiful handicrafts and gold plated jewellery from here.

Address : 

Auroville, Pondichery.

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