Lingusamy To Be Lodged In Jail ?? Director Replied

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CM / Updated: 2023-04-13
12:19 IST

Lingusamy is a prominent Tamil film director, producer, and screenwriter. He started his career in the film industry in the 1990s as a writer and director of television serials. He made his feature film debut with the Tamil film “Anandham” in 2001. However, he gained recognition and success with his second film “Run” in 2002, which was a blockbuster hit at the box office. Since then, he has directed several successful Tamil films and is considered one of the top commercial filmmakers in the industry.

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Lingusamy To Be Lodged In Jail

Tamil director N Lingusamy has been sentenced to six months in jail over a check fraud case. The case was filed against him and his brother Subash Chandra Bose, who co-own the production house Thirrupathi Brothers. The financial firm PVP Capital Limited had filed a case against them for a Rs 1.03 crore check bounce in 2022. Lingusamy, known for hit films like Run and Sandakozhi, filed an appeal against the ruling but it was dismissed by the Madras Principal Sessions Court on April 12, 2023.

Lingusamy To Be Lodged In Jail
at Behindwoods

The case has been ongoing since 2014 when the brothers borrowed the amount from PVP Capital Limited. When the check they issued bounced, PVP filed a case against them. The metropolitan magistrate court in Saidapet sentenced Lingusamy to six months’ imprisonment on August 22, 2022. Despite the appeal, the court upheld the sentence, and now Lingusamy must serve the six-month jail time.

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Lingusamy released a statement at the time of the sentencing saying, “The dispute is between PVP Capitals and our production house Thirrupathi Brothers film media private limited. The honorable court ruled today on the petition they have filed. We will appeal against this order and legally face the issue.” However, his appeal has been unsuccessful, and he must now serve the jail time.

Lingusamy To Be Lodged In Jail
with Actor Surya

This is not the only trouble Lingusamy has faced in recent years. Some of his productions have performed poorly at the box office, leaving him with financial problems. Even the films he directed did not do well commercially, with his last film, The Warrior, being a critical and commercial failure.

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Lingusamy To Be Lodged In Jail

Despite this, Lingusamy remains respected in the Tamil film industry. He has directed several hit films over the years, including Run, Sandakozhi, and Paiyaa. In an interview with a YouTube channel last year, Lingusamy spoke about his admiration for Kamal Haasan and how his films have influenced his own work. He said, “My film Sandakozhi (his biggest hit) has a connection with Kamal Haasan’s Devar Magan. I have watched Devar Magan numerous times, and it is one of the best films in Tamil cinema ever. So, there has been a lot of learning from him.”

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The news of Lingusamy’s jail sentence has been met with mixed reactions from the Tamil film industry. While some have expressed sympathy for his situation, others have criticized him for his financial troubles and lack of success at the box office. However, it is clear that Lingusamy has made a significant contribution to Tamil cinema over the years, and his work will continue to be appreciated by audiences and filmmakers alike.

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Despite his recent troubles, Lingusamy remains a popular and respected figure in the Tamil film industry. He is known for his dedication to the craft of filmmaking and his ability to connect with the masses. He has also inspired several young filmmakers in Tamil cinema, who look up to him as a role model.

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