Life History Of Jeppiaar – His Achievements And Rules!

Thanks to
this man, some (most) of the engineering colleges in Chennai have the strictest
(stupidest) rules for their students to follow! Starting one of Tamil Nadu’s self-financing
colleges, he’s known more for his strict absurd rules rather than anything
else. The 85 year old passed away due to breathlessness at Global Hospitals on
Jesuadimai Pangu Raj, also called Jeppiaar
completed his law degree from the prestigious Madras Law College after completing
his M.A in History in Chennai. He went on to do his Ph.D in the prestigious
Anna University. 
Educational Trust was founded by him which comprises of  Sathyabama
Institute of Science and Technology , St. Josephs college of Engineering ,
St. Marys school of Management, Panimalar college of Engineering, Panimalar
school of Management,  Panimalar
Polytechnic and Jeppiaar Engineering College.
He was a
Member of the Legislative Council during Late Dr.M.G.R’s regime
in Tamil Nadu.
During that period and even later, he was against Jayalalithaa, and how he was
not kindled by the government still remains a  mystery to us.
He was also
the chairman of Madras Metro Water Board . He has produced 7 films in Indian
Regional Languages. He was the president and member of the Marina Beach Walking
Association. And tried his hands at a lot more fields.
His most
commonly used phrase “Boys-boys
talk, Girls-girls talk, Boys-girls no talk”
was the platform for all
the rules he laid out for the students. His students say that though he was a
kind man, his ways and rules were highly unethical for them to follow. 

Cutting down trees so that girls and boys don’t stand under them and talk, having
a divider inside the college bus, keeping separate staircase, separate seating
in the dining area was all a bit too much.

Violation of talking to the opposite gender, not wearing your ID card, girls not
adhering to chudi with dupatta pinned was severely punished. They went a little
over board when they kept non-teaching staffs or what they call the floor
wardens outside class rooms to monitor the students. If the students  do anything against the rules, they were given
the power to punish them!
The hostel
life was another hell altogether. The students were allowed to go outside only
twice a month, that too with the permission given by their parents. They also
had restrictions on the usage of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.
atrocity would be, calling the students’ parents for any of their mis-behaviors and making them wait outside for hours, before complaining about their
son/daughter and sending them away.

All these
only instigated the other colleges to follow suit. There is a huge difference
between being disciplined and being downright strict for no reason. A
restricted environment will only prompt students to go against rules. Colleges
often bring in these rules as a reassurance to parents that they are providing
their children a safe environment, but parents need to realize that instead of
prohibiting them, parents should encourage their children to discuss their
lives with them.


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