“Let Me See How Will You Act With This Face” – Actress Exposed Her Ex-Boyfriend!!

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3 weeks ago

“Let me see how will you act with this face” –  Famous Malayalam Actress Anicka Vikhraman has accused her ex-boyfriend,  Anoop Pillai, for his physical and mental torture. On Monday, Anicka took to Facebook and Instagram to narrate explicit details of how Anoop “tortured” her and breached her privacy.


Anicka shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat, presumably with Anoop, where he is allegedly threatening her. “I have never met a human this insecure and manipulative who has been threatening even after all that he did. I never in my wildest dream thought he would do this to me,” read a text shared by her. She also claimed that despite leaving the incidents behind, she had been receiving threatening calls, and her family was continuously being degraded.

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Anicka Vikramman


Anicka Vikhraman is a and model and an actress who predominantly works in the Tamil and Telugu movie industries. She made her debut film in Tamil with “Enga Paatan Sothu.” Yet because of the production development, the movie is delayed. She also played a crucial part in the Tamil movies Ikk and Jasmine. The actress later made her Tollywood debut with Akhil Sarthak.

Anicka, had complained to the police in Bengaluru when Anoop “hit” her for the second time. However, he allegedly “paid” off the cops who then asked her to settle the matter. She claimed that the first time he attacked her was in Chennai, but she had let him go after he “cried.”

This famous Actress also accused Anoop for  breaking her phone to stop her from going to shoots and spying on her WhatsApp messages.  She also stated that “Two days before shifting to Hyderabad, he locked my phone and went on a punching spree, suffocated me in spite of me begging him to give my phone. He sat on me and covered my mouth. I had bronchitis. When I was about to lose my consciousness, he lifted his hand, and I thought it was the last night of my life”.

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She also claimed that after beating her, Anoop had partied with his friends, adding that she had complained to the cops. “Let me see how you will act with this face,” she recalled him telling her. She also added, “When I saw my face in the mirror and started crying loudly, he was laughing, saying ‘your drama is good’,”

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In her post, she included disturbing photos of her swollen eyes and bruises. She also claimed that Anoop was “insecure and manipulative” and that he had bribed cops to avoid action. The actor further stated that she had completely recovered and started going for shoots. She received support from several celebrities and fans, who took to social media to condemn the violence against her.

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