Legal Actions To Be Initiated Against Doctor Sharmika??

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3 months ago

For the kind statements she has been making in public forums lately, possibilities to take legal actions against Doctor Sharmika are there, said Doctor Parthiban, Joint Director, Directorate of Indian Medicine & Homeopathy, Government of Tamil Nadu, according to Vikatan. Claims that are being made by Doctor Sharmika for YouTube channels are becoming subject to controversies often.


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Sharmika, in one of her recent interviews, said that nearly 3 kilograms would increase if a person eats just one Gulab Jamoon. She also claimed that a woman would become vulnerable to breast cancer if she sleeps upside down. She also said that 4 spoons of ghee daily would make our face glow.

The Siddha-Ayurvedic doctor recently grabbed headlines after singer Chinmayi made a video based on one of her claims. Sharmika replied back to the video of Chinmayi saying that could have been more polite while expressing her views.

In her another video, She said that cows are  considered as “God” and people in India couldn’t digest a bigger animal like that.  “Beef is something we see as a God. We shouldn’t eat it. This is non-scientific” said Sharmika to a host. “Another thing is, in India, as per our DNA, we couldn’t digest a bigger animal than us. We can eat smaller animals such as chichen, mutton and others. But we shouldn’t eat bigger animals than us” she further said.

Joint Director Parthiban said that there’s nothing in a Doctor opining their views in social media but he/she shouldn’t make or spread statements that go against medical norms and rules. “Not only beef, no non-vegetarian food is mentioned in Siddha as a food to be ignored” Parthiban said.

“Be it Veg or Non-Veg, people can eat anything as per their health condition. Ruling out that one shouldn’t eat beef is wrong. There’s no medical proof to say that” Doctor Parthiban said. “She is trying to get publicity, is how I look at this matter. A Doctor saying that he/she tried something beyond medicine is not acceptable” he further added.

“A person can’t increase 3 kg of their weight by eating one Gulab Jamun, even if he/she eat 6 times a day, 3 kg won’t increase. Sleeping upside down won’t cause breast cancer. There’s no medical evidence for such statements. Reasearch based statements of medical scholars will only be acceptable. One shouldn’t force opinions on others” Doctor Parthiban said, according to Vikatan.

“A Doctor should only make medicine based opinions. These kind of statements are unacceptable” he said who went on state “Even if one person from public makes a complaint about her, legal action will be taken against her”

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“Public shouldn’t take treatments personally after hearing such suggestions. They should approach a nearby government Doctor. In Tamilnadu, there are 1541 medical centres. They can go there and get proper treatments” he advised. Vikatan also reported that they tried to contact Doctor Sharmika regarding the same but she denied to make a comment.

Source : Vikatan.


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