“Learn From Arjun Sir” – Fans Advising Kamal After Watching This Video !!

Fans and followers of Tamil Television shows has been comparing action king Arjun Sarjah and Ulaganaayagan Kamal Haasan based on the way they are hosting their shows “Survivors” and “Bigg Boss” respectively. The comparison came in as an effect to the recent episode of Arjun hosting show. While interacting with the contestants, Arjun who felt that some of them are not co-operating, asked them to walk off from the show if they wish to. On seeing his furious way of handling the contestants, viewers who watch both “Bigg Boss” and “Survivors” started comparing Arjun and Kamal Haasan. Many of them could be seen saying that Arjun is way better than Kamal and criticizing the latter for various reasons.


arjun 2

Most recently, Videos of action king Arjun bashing a number of “Survivor” contestants for not taking part in the show actively is going vial in social media platforms. He could be seen asking a contestant named Aishwarya why she is always asking for privacy after coming to the show which is meant for public eye. Reacting to Saran who thinks of walking out of the show, Arjun asks him to leave the show if he wants by adding that the show is not depending on a single contestant. As soon as the videos surfaced in Internet, fans going gaga over it, heaping all praise for the “Jaihind” actor.

Recently, while questioning Aishwarya, one of the contestants, action kings asks “Aishwarya, tell me why are you always seeking for privacy when camera tries to shoot you ?”. Replying to him Aishwarya says that she never sought such liberty only to get slammed by the senior actor. “Will you walk out if I prove the same to you ?” he questions back. “The show is about how you think and behave and you will be getting privacy only during your bathroom hours. If you want privacy, you should have stayed in your house” the actor says and the female contestant.


In another video, Arjun Sarjah slams Saran who thinks of walking out off the show. The show is not depending on a single contestant. “you can’t do gimmicks by threatening the show makers to leave it. If you wan’t to walk out, you can walk out” Arjun says to Saran. Watch the promo below :

On watching the episode, many got reminded of Bigg Boss host Kamal Haasan and they couldn’t stop resisting themselves from comparing him with Arjun. Majority number of the twitter users felt that Arjun is handling the users way better than Kamal. “Arjun should replace Kamal” a twitter user said whereas another one wrote “Kamal sir is making Arjun sir look extraordinary.”

Check out some of the reactions below :


However, another set of fans countered the statement saying that Kamal Haasan is better in his own way. They claimed that Kamal would be concentrated on handling the contestants with sarcasm and his intelligence rather than bashing them at their face. It is notable that Arjun and Kamal Haasan shared screen space in a film named “Kuruthi punal”, a cop drama. Comment your views on this comparison that is being made between Arjun and Kamal !!


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