Leaked Video Of School Head Master Romancing With A Staff!! Student’s Unexpected Move

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3 months ago

A leaked video that shows a 48 year old head master of a school romancing with a clerk, landed the former in huge trouble as his students shot the video and made it go viral across the social media platforms. It has been reported that the HM is in the receiving end and the incident created huge outrage among the locals.

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The incident took place in Urdu boarding school located in Masulipattinam of Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. The woman with whom the Head master named Anandha Babu had an affair, has been identified as a temporary computer operator appointed by the school management.

A humongous number of students are from various localities are staying and studying in the school. Reports suggests that Head Master Amanda Babu had an intimate relationship with the female staff who joined in the school. He used the school hostel room to spend intimate moments with his illegal partner, according to the reports.

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Students who are aware about their relationship, endured their romantic atrocities for a very long time, says the report of Than this TV. After a point, one of the students recorded their private moments as a video through his cell phone. Not stopping there, he even shared the video in social media platforms and made it go viral.

The video which is going viral in social media platforms shows the duo romancing with each in a classroom like place. The video has been shot from behind a wall through a hole. After knowing about the same, Head Master Anandha Babu started beating the students, says reports.

Watch the video below :

Source : Thanthi TV 

Some of the hostel students went to the homes of their relatives in order to avoid getting hurt from Anandha Babu. However, Police officials of Silakalapudi jurisdiction have registered a case against Anandha Babu after the video went viral and the Head Master of the school got arrested. Departmental actions are also expected to be taken against Anandha Babu as per the statement issued by the department of Education.

The issue has created huge outrage among the locals and the users of online platforms are also demanding highest possible punishment for Anandha Babu for being a bad example for students and for disrespecting a place like school premises.


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