LEAKED : Bigg Boss Eviction Result Of This Week Is Out !!

As the shooting of the ongoing episode of weekend episodes got completed, result about the eviction of the ongoing week got leaked in the internet. It has been reported that Dhanalakshmi got saved first and Azeem got saved on the Saturday episode with one more getting saved on the same day. Kamal Haasan who was expected to take a break from hosting the show as he fell ill, appeared to host the show as usual.

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In the first promo that got released in the Vijay television, Kamal Haasan says that a judgment has been provided without even pointing out the accused. “Don’t they really know the accused ?? Or they don’t like to tell it in public ?? They were all behaving in a good manner, ain’t they ??” he said in the first promo.

Check out the promo here :

In the second promo, Kamal Haasan said that he has a case to file and asked Kathiravan about the offenders who failed to clean vessels and cups after consuming food. Kathiravan seemingly named few of the contestants as the offenders. In the end, Kamal Haasan said “These names came out only after I inquired but you people failed to do it. My case is, this season will become the most boring one if you all keep playing safe game”

Here’s the second promo :

Coming back to the elimination, if reports are believed to be true, renowned choreographer Robert has been eliminated from the show after receiving less number of votes from the audience. Azeem, Kathiravan, Dhanalakshmi, Amudhavanan, Manikanta, Ram and Robert are contestants who got nominated for the eviction. The dance master who came under scanner after expressing his interest towards Rachitha, got called out for a number of times for his inappropriate behaviour.


Apart from stalking Rachitha, the impulsive dancer who is expected to raise voice in the issues that are taking place inside the house, failed to do so. He also managed to the grab only limited screen time due to his inactivity during tasks. Now, after the reports on his elimination became public, various kind of reactions surfaced in the internet.

Check out some of them below :


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