Leaked Audio Conversation Between “Rowdy Baby” Surya & “Tik Tok” Ilakkiya Goes Viral

A audio conversation that took place between Internet sensations “Rowdy baby” Surya and “tik Tok” fame Ilakkiya is going viral among Netizens. Through the audio, it could be understood that “Rowdy baby” Surya inviting Ilakkiya to go with her to Singapore and asks how much money she requires for 2 months stay. Various kind of reactions are pouring in the social media platforms for the audio conversation as public presumed that the duo are talking about doing “sex” at Singapore illegally.


Elakkiya enjoys a huge fan following since her Tik Tok times and identifies herself as an aspiring actress. In the leaked audio, she who initially says that she got committed in few films and is currently busy acting in them, suggests “Rowdy Baby” Surya to finalize Rs. 6 lakh as her payment for 2 months stay at Singapore.

tiktok elakkiya 8
“Tik Tok” fame Ilakkiya

Elakkiya who acted in a Tamil movie named as “Zombie”, asks whether Surya is inviting her to perform “dance” shows in Singapore. Replying to her. Surya says “It’s not for “dance” shows but to do “service”. For that Ilakkiya could be heard replying “I would ask more money for that.” The duo further discussing about the details of their “Singapore” visit and about the person who is organizing it.


“It is a 2 months visa. I can’t assure you about the work load. It is my relative who is organizing it” Surya said.

Here’s the leaked audio that is doing rounds :


Ilakkiya who sounds hesitant initially, says that she receives Rs. 1 lakh for 2 hours “service in Chennai and finalizes Rs. 6 lakh for 2 months in Singapore to “Rowdy Baby” Surya. “I couldn’t come immediately as I have movie commitments. I will be available from next month” says Ilakkiya to which Surya accepts.


The duo further discussing about their previous works and colleagues. When Surya asks if she can get any kind of “job” for her in Chennai, Ilakkiya says that she won’t do “service” in Chennai but “work” only with known people. Surya also talks about how fame ruined her business. “I stopped doing that work in India after gaining publicity. Our name will get ruined. We don’t know who will do what. I am in so much trouble that no one is providing me house for rent nowadays.” Surya says.

The one who released the audio demanded arrest against Surya for her “illegal” sex work and said that she will be the reason if anything happens to himself or his family. “I want Tamil nadu government to hear the audio and take actions legally. If you fail to arrest them, many more people could emerge doing similar crimes.” he says at the end of the video.


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