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Leading Tamil Heroine Posts This Popular Picture & Conveyed An Important Message !!



Leading Tamil Heroine Posts This Popular Picture & Conveyed An Important Message !!

Actress Amala Paul posted the popular art which widely being circulated in social media and conveyed an important message to her followers in the photo blogging social media platform, Instagram. The 21 days lockdown was announced by the Prime Minister for the well beings of the citizens which can’t be denied at all. But the lockdown is not going to be the same for each and every citizen as majority number of people are depending on their daily wages. People who are making a life out of driving, shop keeping, construction works are suffering a lot at this lockdown situation.

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COVID 19 which killed more than forty three thousand people across the world, forced Indian government to announce lockdown till 14th of March. To help the daily wagers, government announced many schemes such as providing them money, ordering house owners not to collect rent etc. In a way of making others realize the actual situation of the daily wagers, a popular art was being shared by the meme creators across the world.

Check out the picture here :


Actress Amala Paul who is very much known for acting in films like Mynaa, Velai Illaa Pattathari posted this picture in her official Instagram account and asked her followers to help them. “lending a little something for people who are always around and helping you – like your milkman, watchmen, drivers etc. You can check on your former employees, just to make sure they’re doing OK. Do whatever you think is right, simple acts of kindness can change the world!” the actress wrote in her post.

Check out the post she shared below :

Tamilnadu chief minister asked the citizens of the state to help the poor and needy by donating money in the CM relief funds. He said that the donations will have 100% of tax free in his announcement.

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