Leading Tamil Actress Got Extremely Angry On Valaipechu Trio !! Check What She Said !!

CM / Updated: 2019-08-08
12:49 IST

Team Valaipechu is facing the wrath of public and Tamil cinema celebrities for the comment they made about the female characters featured in Nerkonda Parvai, remake of bollywood sensation Pink. As soon as the movie released, reviews kept pouring from all directions of Internet but the review of Valaipechu received special attention for all the wrong reasons.



Valaipechu, a popular youtube channel deleted their Nerkonda Parvai’s review due to the waves it created. Having 3 men as reviewers, Valaipechu channel often caught in controversy for their statements. In the Nerkonda Parvai movie review, they said that the film had flaws in portraying the female leads. “Girls in the movie are showed as they belong to upper class. They are losing virginity multiple times and getting drunk in pubs and bars. At one point we couldn’t feel pity for them. We couldn’t care for whatever the injustice (such as rape) happens to them. This might be relatable for the audience of North India but when it comes to Tamil audience, it is not relatable” they said in their review.

Watch the clip here :


This particular statement from their review earned the outrage of top celebrities including actor Siddharth and Director P.S Mithran. For Their Cheap Comments On NKP Girls, Valaipechu Team Getting Thrashed By Celebrities !! WATCH VIDEO !! Actress Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, who is known for the roles she played in Sarkar, Poda Podi expressed her anger through her official twitter account.


The actress who always raised voice against the injustice of women, in her tweet said, “I hope those 3 men get raped in jail..so we can say..hey we dont feel sorry for you..we jus dont feel like caring..because you asked for it by opening you big damn mouths…and calling it a review..please shut ur mouths..#ShameOnYou #insensitice #ignorant”

She also added few more tweets to express her emotions in this issue :


Varalakshmi also thanked the Valai pechu team for realizing the mistake after they deleted their review :

Comment your views on Varalaxmi Sarathkumar’s statement !!

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