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A latest video of actress Madhuvanti stating numbers regarding Prime minister Narendra Modi’s rescue operation due to this corona crisis has instigated severe trolls and memes against her. Madhuvanti who is known for acting as Police officer, is a daughter of famous actor and dramatist Y.G. Mahendran. Last time she came up with a videostated few scientific reasons behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Diya challenge.

“I saw many people criticizing our Prime minister Narendra Modi for making us clap and lit lamps. Now let me tell you few statistics which will prove what Prime minister Narendra Modi and Indian government are doing at this kind of a crucial situation. The statistics I am going to state is an authentic information from an article of Times of India. Please give close attentions” says Madhuvanti before starting to explain people about the financial plans of Prime minister Narendra Modi for the people of our country.

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“Through Jan-Dhan scheme, Government of India has credited Rs. 30,000 crores for the people of India. On Saturday, among that 40 percentage of Rs.30,000 crores which is Rs.20,000 crores of money has been credited to women. This is an authentic information from Times of India, I request you all to read” she said in her video.

“Like wise, through Ujjawala scheme, Rs. 5,000 crores of money has been credited to the bank account 8000 crore people to register gas for next three months.” she said who also added that a sum of Rs.3,000 crores has been credited to senior citizens, physically challenged people. She says that all these bank transactions are possible only through Aadhar card. “These schemes are implemented during Narendra Modi’s previous term of 5 years” she says in her video.

Watch the video here :

This 4 minutes long video of Madhuvanti is going extremely viral across the Internet. The way she confidently carried herself throughout the video amused few netizens. When the entire world population is 700 crore people, Madhuvanti says that Modi provided money to 8000 crore people which is not possible at all. She also said that 40 percentage to 30,000 crores in 20,000 crores which is completely wrong. It at all she had used a calculator or asked google, it would have helped her by answering 12,000 crores.

Check out how Internet is reacting to this video of Madhuvanti :

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