Lakshmi Ramakrishnan Questioned Amala Paul After Watching “AADAI” !! CHECK WHY !!

CM / Updated: 2019-07-22
13:48 IST

After lot of struggles, the film “Aadai” which was directed by Rathnakumar, “Meyatha Maan” fame, has hit the screens recently. The actress expressed her joy over her film in which she acted with immense boldness, getting released in big screens. She even involved in the issues and visited the spot personally to sort out the problem which is holding the film from getting released. Not many heroines did it in the past.


The film crew has revealed that Amala’s role in the film would be the most challenging one in her career. Earlier, Aadai’s first look poster had triggered long discussions, comments and opinions on social media. The sensor board has given A certificate to the film.

As soon as the film released, many people who watched the movie expressed their views, especially the movie reviewers of Kollywood town. Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, famous actress and Director also watched the movie and expressed her thoughts through her official twitter account. She requested director Rathnakumar and Amala Paul for a debate.

Her tweet read as “.@Amala_ams hi dear, congrats on #Aadai , watched the film, your hard work shows on every frame😍 are you open to healthy debate? I have a few questions to you & the director:) just as an audience, a woman and a mother of Girls, not as a film maker / actor 🙏”



“You could have asked this directly to Amala Paul through a phone call, right ?” replied one of her followers. To that Lakshmi explained how debating it in public would provoke the perceptions of many people. She also termed the film as “debate-worthy”.

Here’s the reply from her follower :

Check out the reply from Lakshmi Ramakrishnan :


However director of the movie Rathnakumar said that he and Amala Paul is ready for the debate. He also stated that he would prefer the debate as a video :

Have you watched the movie “AADAI” yet ?? If yes, comment your views on the film below and let us know your guesses on Lakshmi’s questions for Rathna and crew !!

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