Lakshmi Ramakrishnan Lashed Out At A YouTuber Who Said That BJP Men Are Targetting Hindu Women

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CM / Updated: 2021-08-26
23:14 IST

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South Indian actress cum director, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan responded to a YouTube video on her Twitter page. 

Karunchattai Padai 2.0 is a Periyarist Tamil language YouTube channel. A video against choreographer Gayatri Raghuram was released on Tuesday (24th August 2021) following the incident of BJP leader K.T. Raghavan. 

Big Boss fame Gayatri Raghuram is an Indian actress and politician who has worked in the South Indian film industry. Gayatri is a member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) since 2014. She was appointed as the secretary for arts in Tamil Nadu by the BJP. 

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Gayatri Raghuram

In the video of Karunchattai Padai 2.0, it was reported that Gayatri Raghuram had recently her voice against those who ill-treat or indict the Tamil Hindu Gods. On following this the YouTuber questions Gayatri why she yet hadn’t responded to the K.T. Ragavans issue. 


A video of K.T. Ragavan, a BJP leader masturbating at the prayer room (pooja room) was uploaded on YouTube two days ago and it is being viral on all the media houses across India. 

YouTuber asks why Gayatri isn’t speaking up now against K.T. Raghavan who did a despicable thing in front of the Tamil Hindu Gods. Though Gayatri was shocked by the act of Raghavan, she didn’t question or show any resistance against him. The YouTuber further explains the predicted answer in the video itself. He states that Gayatri being a Brahman never wanted to accuse another Brahmana. 

In the video, the YouTuber further explains that not only K.T. Raghavan but also many BJP leaders are misusing the Hindu Women who are all members of the political party. He strongly questions Gayatri about her silence and about her stand back for Hindi women and BJP women members. 


The firm mentioning ‘Hindu women’ in the video made Lakshmi post a tweet. Lakshmi Ramakrishnan who hosted 1500 episodes of the reality show Solvathellam Unamai in Zee Tamil has tweeted against the YouTube video. The tweet goes as follows, “Hindu pengal’! What difference does it make? Whoever it is, #ktraghavan incident is a bigger issue and bigger concern!!! #pervertion #exploitation #powerdynamics #Hypocrisy . Becas of the political agendas and caste politics I am sceptical about even raising voice!”

Being a Brahman herself, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan said what K.T. Raghavan did was wrong. The following are the comments followed by the tweet. 


Sankaran G commented, “Word of caution don’t get in to this muddy waters, this is not for people like you.”

Vilasini Sivalimgam commented, “Madam… thereh yeletthe thereveleh videh paakeranggeh… maattikathinggeh… it’s politics and politicians issue… they’re simply pulling your name in and expecting you to react… please don’t fall for it… let them settle it…!” To this comment, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan replied, “Don’t worry MA, I am careful this time , I won’t fall into the trap :)”

Vignesh commented, “I wonder why you didn’t tweet anything on Raghavan and tweeting on top of video that talking about Raghavan and not really taking about him .”

Valli Yashinii Tahmotran commented, “Agreed! Not only this there are lots of videos of him mentioning pengal2xx.. Giving interviews and opinions on each and every issues that rise up but not even one interviews has helped. Useless piece of shits”

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