“Kurumpadam” For Janany & Azeem Over Vikraman “Tamil” Issue !! WATCH

4 months ago

In the court room task, Janany and Azeem planned together and filed a  case against Vikraman for hurting Janany by saying that her Tamil language is not upto the mark. Azeem insisted Janany to filed a case against Vikraman and expressed his wish of arguing in the court on behalf of her. While Manikanta acted as a Judge, Queency made her presence for Vikraman.


Azeem and Janany claimed that Vikraman’s reason to name Janany as worst performer felt personal and asked the judge to punish him for the crime he committed. Amudhavanan appeared as witness and said that Janany got hurt personally due to the words of Vikraman. The trio claimed Vikraman’s comment was targeted on Janany’s Tamil speaking ability .

Here’s the full thread of the issue :

However, Queency-Vikraman duo said that he made such point only based on the task and mentioned “Senthamizh”, not Tamizh language on the whole. “I myself found it difficult to talk in “Senthamizh” without the mix of English and didn’t reason it as her flaw. I only said that her presence was very limited throughout the task as my reason” Vikraman claimed.


After hearing the arguments and witnesses, Manikanta issued judgement in favour of Vikraman & co. In the meantime, followers of the show, started digging the old videos and uploaded a “Kurumpadam” on what actually Vikraman said. In the video, Vikraman could be heard saying that “Antha” (That) language could have been difficult for Janany and even mentioned it as “Senthamizh”.

Watch the video below :

Here’s how followers of the reacted to the whole case filed by Janany and azeem :

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