KP Asks Why People Announcing Their COVID Infection To The World After Sachin’s Tweet !! Yuvraj Replied

Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar who is fondly called as “Master Blaster”, announced that he had tested positive for COVID 19 virus on Saturday. “I have been testing myself and taking all the recommended precautions to ensure Covid is kept at bay. However, l’ve tested positive today following mild symptoms. All others at home have tested negative. I’ve quarantined myself at home and am following all the necessary protocols as advised by my doctors. I want to thank all the healthcare professionals who are supporting me and many others across the country. Take care all of you.” he said through his tweet.



Moments after this tweet of Sachin surfaced, Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen came up with a tweet asking “Can someone please tell me, why you need to announce it to the world, that you have Covid?!”

This tweet from him received severed backlash from the fans of Indian cricket and Sachin Tendulkar. Many of them presumed that KP is indirectly denoting Sachin’s tweet and slammed. “Unlike English Cricketers, Indian Cricketers are superstars. Fans gather around the cricketers, take selfies, autographs. So its their moral duty to inform the ones coming closer to them so that fans can take necessary precaution and be aware. U cannot call n tell every1 right” said a fan in the comment section whereas another one said “Taking shots at Sachin just because U couldn’t do that on the field?”



Former Indian all rounder Yuvraj Singh also came in to defend Sachin whom he considers as his idol. “And how come you thought of this today and not before ?” he said in his.


“Haha just pulling you leg bud !” he said in his next tweet to which KP made sure that didn’t post the tweet for Sachin Tendulkar. “Just seen Sachin has it! Oops! Sorry @sachin_rt, get better soon buddy!” read his reply.


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