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Kom Jong Un’s Horrible Punishment To A Student Who Watched Po*n !!



Kom Jong Un’s Horrible Punishment To A Student Who Watched Po*n !!

It is very well known that North Korea is a country where rules and punishments are extremely strict under the dictatorship of Kim Jong Un. The atrocious and unimaginable punishments that are provided to the citizens of the country for violating the laws often made headlines globally. Now, to our shock, a report emerged saying that a student who watched porn while being alone in home faced a horrible punishment from his government. It is reported that Kim Jong believes that porn ruins the citizens of a society and people of the country who watched porn are being punished severely.


The ruling workers party has even launched campaigns against porn in schools. A report says that people of North Korea who are involved in producing, buying or selling pornographic material are given death punishment.


A school student, while his parents are away, reportedly watched porn in his home secretly. He who made precautions to avoid getting caught by his parents, seemingly forgot to make preventions to avoid getting caught by the law authorities of his government.

A report of Daily NK has said that the police officials have tracked down the IP address of the student and caught him red handed while he was watching porn. As a punishment for watching porn, the boy and his family members were thrown out of the society and taken to the border area.


Residents of the country say that the boy must consider himself lucky as he was not hanged, said reports. Bizarrely, the principal of the school where the boy was studied was also punished. The laws of North Korea directs the authorities to punish the school principles if any crime was committed by the children of it. According to this law, the school principle was sent to a labor camp as a punishment, says reports.

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As said, North Korea is a country known for its strict laws and punishments to an extend that the Entertainment laws are prohibiting the foreign contents for their citizens. Currently, the entire country is in lockdown due to the COVID 19 outbreak.

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