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Kollywood Director Supported Vikraman !!

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Kollywood Director Supported Vikraman !!

After seeing the tweets posted by Vikraman against political analyst Sumanth Raman, popular Kollywood director Naveen who is known for making the sleeper hit named “Moodar Koodam” posted a tweet supporting him. Naveen who called Vikraman as “Thozhar” (friend), suggested him that it is better to avoid drinking such a disgraceful water from Sumanth raman.


On Sunday, Journalist Vikraman of Galatta youtube channel made an accusation against Popular Television anchor and Political analyst Sumanth Raman who is known for hosting BSNL Sports Quiz on Doordarshan’s Podhigai TV channel. Vikram, in his tweet, while talking about the existence of discrimination against the people of oppressed caste, accused Sumanth Raman of not giving him water when he went to his house for an interview.

Responding to the tweet posted by Vikraman, Naveen, in his tweet said “It is better to avoid drinking such disgraceful water” by writing “அப்படி ஒரு மானங்கெட்ட தண்ணிய நாம குடிக்காம இருக்கறதே நல்லது தோழர்” in Tamil language.

Check out his tweet below :

The tweet was liked by Vikraman and 3000 others with various kind of reactions. Naveen made his directorial debut with the critically acclaimed Moodar Koodam in 2013. He produces films under his production company, White Shadows Productions. “Alaavuthinum Arputha Camera vum”, “Agni Siragugal” with Arun Vijay and Vijay Antony are his upcoming projects.


It all started when Vikraman posted a tweet sharing his own experience of caste discrimination during his school days. “I went to a Brahmin’s house to raise fund for the Kargil war during my school days. At that time, I happened to see them washing the place I sat” said Vikram in his tweet and tagged the official twitter account of Sumanth raman by asking how he says that people of his caste are being oppressed for 80 long years.


Replying to this tweet, Sumanth said that those kind of people are not humans and asked Vikram to provide their contact details to question them directly.

Followed by this, Vikram posted a tweet accusing Sumanth himself. He said Sumanth denied giving him the water despite of several requests. “When I came to your house to interview you, you sent me back without even giving me a glass of water. When I asked for it it to you myself, you suggested me to receive water from the watchman. Why is that ??” Vikram questioned.

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“WHAAAT? This is a WHITE LIE. Sorry Sir. Neenga ippadi poi solveenga nu ninaikala. Anyway it is a lesson for me.” replied Sumanth to Vikram, as soon as he uploaded the tweet.

Further, Sumanth demanded Vikram to withdraw his statement and asked him to apologize for defaming him. To that tweet, Vikram replied saying that he told what happened. “Even two cameramen were accompanying me at that time. Don’t threaten a journalist. Our truth will triumph” he said in his reply tweet.


However, Sumanth denied Vikram’s allegation and said that he will take legal actions against him to which Vikram replied saying that he is a journalist who demanded an arrest for the Home minister who is walking on streets amidst pandemic situation. “I am not going to fear for these kind of gimmicks. Truth will triumph” he said in his tweet.

While online users are reacting to this conversation of Sumanth and Vikram in various ways, this tweet of Naveen triggered Netizens to support/troll him. Comment your views !

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