“Kohli Must Act Matured Like Dhoni” – Sanju Manju !! CHECK REACTIONS


Followed by a comment made by Indian captain Virat Kohli on people’s view on the performances of players, Former Indian cricketer cum commentator Sanjay Manjrekar came up with a tweet saying that Virat Kohli needs to learn from previous captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni on accepting the old age reality of outside talk with calmness and maturity.

On the press conference that took place during Monday, Kohli, while replying to a question on KL Rahul’s lean patch, said that his team was not going to allow the “non sense” outside noise enter the dressing room. He further added that the Players in team India will be backed and given a good mental space.

“When an individual is going through a tough phase – it’s not like he forgets how to play, it’s just that mental clarity isn’t as good at the time – at that time if you know what things are being said and you’re being told you’re out of form, then you’re bringing in another external factor into your system,” Indian captain said to the press reporters.

“It’s a simple game: you have to watch the ball and react and hit the ball. You have to be in the moment and all this outside talk, to be very honest, is completely nonsense” he added. “From the first to the last day of my career, all this outside talk has been nonsense to me. Who says what and why about a player, what’s the motive behind it, what’s the thinking behind it, it’s better that all that remains outside because we’re not going to let it enter our system even in the future. We are going to back our players and try and give them a good mental space,” said Kohli.

Reacting to this statement of Virat, Sanjay Manjrekar, popular commentator and former Indian player came up with a statement saying that Kohli should learn the age old reality with calmness & maturity like Dhoni. He said that the public are the same who praise players when they do well.

“Outside talk which Virat calls nonsense is basically public reacting to a public performance. And it’s always been the same- Praise when you do well, critique when you don’t. Virat must learn to accept this age old reality with calmness & maturity. Just like Dhoni did.” read the tweet of Sanjay Manjrekar.

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