Know Why Chennai Has Highly Sophisticated Multiplex Theaters But Rates Are Very Very Cheaper

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CM / Updated: 2016-03-04
20:15 IST

By admin

Watching movies for 10 rs can be possible only in Chennai !


Everyone love to watch movies, isn’t it? It’s the one main source of entertainment which is universally loved by all. The way movie connects people has its own sweet love story ūüôā I don’t think anybody says no to watch a film in a theatre. And what more can you as for when you can get the ticket at a multiplex theatre for just 10 rs??

Yes, these 10 rs tickets do exist. The first two rows of certain multiplex theatres have been allocated for this. The seats are different from the standard ticket seats of the theatre though. They are placed nearer to the screen as it is the first two rows. So you are going to have difficulty in straining your neck to watch the movie. And seats are not going to be as comfortable as you wish. But nevertheless, this will give you another level of movie watching experience. C’mon..who wouldn’t want to watch a movie for just 10 bucks! ūüėõ
Of all the metro cities, Chennai is the only city which has very low ticket rates. Am sure the other cities are jealous of us. And adding more to that is this 10 rs tickets in most big theatres. Satyam cinemas, S2, Luxe, Escape, Inox, Mayajaal and Devi cineplex are some of the theatres that has this 10 rs seats.
The State Government has said that all theatres should offer 10% of their total capacity to the 10 rs ticket. Not all follow this and the ones who do also have their discreet ways of opposing this. At Satyam, they wouldn’t know know about this unless they specifically look for it. In Inox, people have to come an hour earlier to a show if they want to get hold of these tickets. Mayajaal says that these seats are only reserved for the locals, but we have no idea how they can differentiate between the locals and others visitors.
And there are reports from people saying that they are always denied of these tickets in a theatre. The authorities would give them lame excuse saying they can give this ticket only when the remaining (120 rs) tickets have been filled.

However, personally I have seen people enjoying the movies from the 10 rs ticket seats and have been jealous that I had to pay 120 bucks, not to mention the additional online booking charges, for the same show in the same luxury of the theatre! *pout*

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