Know How BANGALORE Was Before The IT Revolution ?? : 25 Rare Photos Of It Which Were Never Been Out !!

5 years ago

It was a time when Bengaluru was Bangalore and undoubtedly the heaven on earth. The entire image of the city was on a different scale and today’s Bengaluru is nowhere in comparison to the beauty of old Bengaluru. Everything was cool and calm with no traffic grievances and absolutely no much chaos. As the city grew and embraced the IT revolution, there was a drastic change in the way the city was contemplated at. In this context, let us take a look at the album of rare photos of Old Bangalore captured before IT revolution.

Vintage Era of the city – Rare Photos of Old Bangalore

#1 Avenue Road 100 years ago

1 12

#2 A look at Old Brigade Road

2 11


#3 Bellnadur Lake in those times

3 11

#4 BRV Talkies is today’s Golden Palm Army Canteen located at the entrance of Central street

4 12


#5 The Great Chinnaswamy Stadium


#6 Vintage Commercial Street

6 8


#7 Glass House at Lalbagh Garden in 1890s

7 6

#8 Halasuru / Ulsoor tank in 1902

8 5

#9 The Shopping Hub of Bengaluru, Jayanagar Shopping Complex

photos of old bangalore


#10 Archaic JC Nagar

photos of old bangalore


#11 Time Honored Malleswaram Circle

11 5

#12 Mayo Hall in 1878

photos of old bangalore

#13 Classic MG Road in Black and White

photos of old bangalore

#14 Age-old Halasuru / Ulsoor Road

photos of old bangalore

#15 Nostalgic Oriental Building

photos of old bangalore

#16 Race Course in an Old Hat

photos of old bangalore

#17 Old fangled Russell Market

photos of old bangalore

#18 Someshwara Temple (today’s Ulsoor) in 1890

18 2

#19 Passe` St Jospeh College

photos of old bangalore

#20 The Vrishabahavathi River and today’s Kengeri Mori in 1965

photos of old bangalore

#21 Town Hall captured in Black and White

photos of old bangalore

#22 Victoria Jubilee Hospital in 1890s

photos of old bangalore

#23 Foodie’s Paradise VV Puram in those days

photos of old bangalore

#24 Jumma Masjid, Shivajinagar in 1870

photos of old bangalore

#25 Petrol Pump in 1910

photos of old bangalore

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