Kiran Kumar, Owner Of Lalitha Jewellery Impressed Internet With His Outspoken Attitude !!

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8 months ago

Kiran Kumar, owner of most famous Lalitha Jewellery, in his recent interaction with “Pattimandram” Raja for Thanthi TV, made an open statement saying that he drinks a little bit of alcohol with his friends during the weekend to feel relaxed. The legendary businessman made the answer while Raja asked whether he opts for Yoga or any other exercise to keep himself pressure free. Throughout the interview, Kiran kumar talked about who inspired him to appear in his own shop’s advertisements, how he grew in his field etc.

Kiran kumar, in the interaction, said that he never lied to the customers to sell his products. Being the chairman and managing director of one of the highest jewelry selling stores Lalitha Jewellery, launched the first Lalitha Jewellery Showroom in Chennai in 1983 and later that year Kiran Kumar started expanding his business in south India.


He opened showrooms in Tirupati, Chennai and in Hyderabad, the Lalitha Jewellery Showrooms have become a brand and people trust this company to deliver quality gold at stellar prices, Lalitha jewelry is quickly drawing the attention of the people. As of now, there are 15 branches of Lalitha Jewellery Showrooms all across India. In the interaction, Kiran revealed that he is making Rs.10,000 crore per year through his jewellery shops.

Talking about the loss he faced during the COVID times, Kiran kumar said that he never reduced salary much for his employees and said “I didn’t bring anything in this world to fear about losing”

The businessman firmly believed that the gold trading will never fade way, no matter what the situation is. “Whatever the situation is, people will not stop eating and will not stop buying gold. If you asked them whether they want Briyani or Gold, they would choose the latter” the businessman said and expressed zero interest in venturing into cinema and politics.

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The reputed individual also shocked the host by saying that he didn’t how to read or write. “They warned me in bank not to put my signature in different way each time” said the Lalitha Jewellery owner candidly. What topped all is, Kiran Kumar admitted that he consumes alcohol with his friends to feel relaxed.

“You will definitely have so many tensions as you are running a huge business, what is the way you opt to feel relaxed ?” asked Raja to which Kiran Kumar replied asking back “Why you should take tension ? One should give tension to others but not receive. We will die sooner if we get tensed often. We have 40 hops now, let’s make it 400” he casually said.

Here’s the video clip that is trending :

Further Kiran kumar mentioned about how he reacted when the Trichy theft news reached him. Read : Netflix Series “Money Heist” Is The Inspiration For Lalitha Jewellers Robbery ?? SHOCKING CONFESSION FROM THE ACCUSED !! “Staff was crying to me. I asked him which floor and started calculating the total amount that I lost. Through the 65 KG gold, I realized that I lost Rs. 35 crores but didn’t lose my cool” the owner said and added that Tamil nadu government helped him recover all the gold from the thieves.

“How are you keeping yourself so relaxed, is it Yoga or meditation ?” asked Raja to which Kiran kumar laughed out loud and replied “Nothing like that. If it is weekend, we 4-5 friends would sit and drink 2 pegs each and relax”. The particular video clip is trending in social media platforms with users of it expressing their admiration over Kiran kumar for his honesty and outspoken attitude.

Watch the full interview below :

Source : Thanthi TV 

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