“Kavin Never Spoke To Girls In That Way Before Entering BIGG BOSS” Raju Bashed !! WATCH VIDEO !!

Kavin who is one of the very well known contestants of the BIGG BOSS show before entering the house has became the topic in social media platforms for not so good reasons. In the very first episode, Kavin declared that all the four young girls in the house are his lovers. Though it looked funny initially, viewers started getting irritated on seeing his further activities. The way he tries to be a good person to everyone inside the house gained him no good name among the housemates and among the audience as well.

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Apart from having a healthy relationship with female contestants like Sakshi, Losliya, Sherin and Abhirami, Kavin involved in arguments with Madhumitha and Meera on certain occasions. Madhumitha’s husband in an interview with a youtube channel expressed his hatred against Kavin for raising his voice against a woman. In Sunday’s episode Kavin was made to interact with a viewer through phone call who asked about his relationship with the four girls.

It maybe one of the strategy of Kavin to get rid of nominations from the majority number of housemates. Now in this recent interview, Raju Jeyamohan, one of a close friend of Kavin who acted with him in Vijay Tv’s Kanaa Kaanum Kalangal has revealed many inner sights of himself about Kavin’s real character.

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“It is very strange to see Kavin like that inside Bigg Boss house. I never seen him interacting with girls like that before. It is very shocking to see him always being with girls. I never happen to see him talking to a guy in that show which is completely strange” said Raju in the interview.

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While talking about Kavin being proposed by Abhirami, Raju said “No one will speak their heart out when there are 60 cameras around them. Kavin was aware of it and avoided her as there were cameras watching him very closely. Even Abhirami didn’t confess her love to him wholeheartedly. She needed some attention and did it for the sake of those cameras. It is not scripted but the mindset of those contestants. Both of them are very clever and they know exactly what they are doing”

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He even said that they are very much aware of the structure of Bigg Boss show by seeing the previous seasons of the show. o they will do everything to gain attention. There will be no wonder if Kavin approaches Vanitha in the coming weeks. Raju even said that there no big different between negative publicity and positive publicity. “Infact  negative publicity spreads faster” says Kavin to point out how the contestants of Bigg Boss are behaving.

Having run for three weeks, the Bigg Boss show is all set to eliminate its second contestant today. Fathima babu was the one who got eliminated as the first contestant. What do you think on this interview of Raju ?? Comment your views below !!


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