“Kavin Is Amazing & He Is The Real Winner” Said This Popular Actress !! Got Thrashed Left & Right !!


As soon as Kavin got out of the Bigg Boss house with 5 lakhs, the viewers of the show including the evicted contestants started filling Internet with their opinion on his decision. Though the housemates compelled Kavin to stay inside the house for 3 more days till weekend, Kavin adamantly went out of the house without considering the tears shed by Losliya and Sandy.


Along with his fans, Reshma Pasupuleti, one of the evicted contestant of the show also posted her opinion on the actor walking out of the show. She said that Kavin is an amazing person and had the guts to do it. She also admitted that Kavin is the winner according to her.

The tweet of Reshma read as “I totally support Kavin with his decision he is an amazing person and he did what others wouldn’t do or have the guts to do it. Call it sacrifice or giving up I don’t care he’s a winner according to me”

Check out her tweet below :

However, this tweet doesn’t go well with her followers as they slammed her severely for the tweet she posted. The people who believed that Kavin used the other contestants stormed into Reshma’s comment section and started criticizing her. Check out some of their reactions and Reshma’s reply to them :

Reshma became the fifth contestant to get eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 3. After getting evicted, in one of her interview, Reshma revealed how money plays a vital role among the contestants of current Bigg Boss show. Reshma even asked Kavin to pay the college fees of her son during a conversation. She even stood up for him during the controversy of his mother’s conviction took place.


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