Kathir Avoided Talking About His Girlfriend For His Girl Fans??

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2 months ago

Sherin, one of the evicted contestants of the ongoing Bigg Boss show, said that Kathir avoided talking about his girlfriend in the show for his girl fans. She made such statement while talking about Shavings emotions towards the former video jockey. She accused him of playing with the emotions of his co-contestants.

During the freeze task episode, Sneha Ravi, a model by profession, appeared in the Bigg Boss show and surprised Kathir. Many of the viewers of the show got surprised and were intrigued about the relationship between the duo.

Now, after making her re-entry, Sherin questioned Kathir why he didn’t say that he has a girlfriend outside and played with the emotions of his co-contestants. However, Kathir said that he is not aware about the emotions of any of the contestants and denied the alleged game plan.


“You played a game with everyone’s emotions. Among everyone, I feel, you really played the game. You played the game saying “no, no, no”. It’s a simple thing, all of us are very much open about our relationship status” Sherin said to Kathir who replied that he is not much open to people.


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“Every girl will expect a man to be open about his relationship. He should say if he has a person outside” Sherin said and went on to question him for terming Sneha Ravi as his best friend when she made her presence in the Bigg Boss house. “You did a mistake there” she said.

“There’s no need for you to disclose names. You should have said that you have someone outside. When Shivin broke down, I got extremely upset” Sherin said. Kathir replied saying that he never had an idea about Shivin having emotions towards him to which Sherin replied “Don’t be this much dumb”.

“Even normal people were able to understand what Shivin was trying to say, how you couldn’t see it??” She asked and went on to allege that Kathir avoided talking about his girlfriend for his girl fans. “If you say you have a girlfriend, no one would have made fun here” she said to Kathir. “Ayesha, Queency and others admitted about their relationship status here” she added

“She used one word that hit me very badly. She said that she shouldn’t disclose about your relationship with her because of your girl fans. So you guys planned everything before your entry. That’s how she told me. So it’s purely game, it’s your comfort. Everything is fine” She said.

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