Kasthuri Continues To Slam Vijay TV Regarding Her Payment Issue !!

After seeing the statement released by Vijay TV. actress Kasthuri who participated in their Bigg Boss show, continued to slam the TV channel alleging that their claim is false. After Kasthuri made her payment issues with Vijay TV public, the channel released a statement saying that the actress hasn’t submitted required documents to clear the payment. Now, Kasthuri came up with a social media post, refuting their allegation.


In her tweet, she said that the channel has restrained from clearing the payment for over a year. The actress said that she participated in the show only for the operation expense of the manumission children.

“No words to thank Vijay TV who have withheld my payment for over a year. நான் பிக் பாஸ் நிகழ்ச்சியில கலந்துக்கிட்டதே manumission குழந்தைகளோட ஆப்பரேஷன் செலவுக்காகத்தான். I never believed any of your fake promises, but even I didn’t expect this.” read the tweet of Kasthuri.

Replying to her accusation, Vijay TV has issued a statement saying that they are a responsible channel and are very mindful of making timely payments to everyone working on their shows as per the contractual terms. According to Indiaglitz, The channel said that the professional fees for Ms. Kasthuri Shankar for participating in the Bigg Boss show has been paid in December month of 2019.

However, the channel said that the GST amount payable towards the same, has been withheld by the channel management due to a mismatch in the actress’s GST filings. After receiving the required details and documentations, the amount will be cleared, the channel said. Vijay TV also said that Kasthuri failed to submit the invoice for her appearance on another show the channel conducted. “We couldn’t make the payments due to such reasons.” the channel reportedly said.



Now, on seeing their statement, Kasthuri, came up with a post saying that what the channel said are bunch of lies with half truth. “STAR Vijay TV owes me money. I never wanted to go public with this , but after over a year of running behind them, I had no choice. The statement released by @vijaytelevision in their defense is a bunch of Lies / half truths. I will address each of them in a detailed video on my channel #konnectwithkasturi. I am shooting 9 to 9 everyday in hyderabad, I will try to take a day off and bring out the truth. I have a huge pile of evidence to back up my claims. I am fascinated by Vijay TV’s cover up attempt . Ofcourse, I am used to their lies now.” her social media post said.

Kasthuri also denied participating in another program of Vijay TV. She said that the channel couldn’t withheld the GST tax of government. “Above all they have to inform me and government before with helding the tax. They failed to do it and are lying now” she said in her post.


பொய்யை நிஜமென்று ஊரை நம்பவைப்பது பிக் பாஸ் புகழ் விஜய் டிவிக்கு புதிதா என்ன? இப்பொழுது எனது சம்பள பாக்கிக்கான காரணம்…

Posted by Kasthuri on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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