Kasthuri Continues To Slam Ajith Fans !!


Actress Kasthuri grabbed the headlines recently for being the cause for the hashtag #DirtyAjithFans to trend nationwide. The incident happened days earlier but the actress is still continues to slam the alleged fans of the actor in the micro blogging social media platform. Kasthuri enjoys more than 2 lakh followers in Twitter, through which she has been expressing her thoughts.

Two days back former Bigg boss contestant Kasthuri shocked Internet by posting the screenshots of the abusive texts made by a group of members who posed as the fans of actor Ajith Kumar. Sharing the screenshots, Kasthuri added a hashtag against the fans of the actor. It read as #DirtyAjithFans

Her tweet contained a popular Tamil saying which would iterate on humans must reform from involving in such acts unlike animals like cow. “Don’t defame Ajith Kumar by saying that you guys are fans of him. If you are in desperate need of a girl, go ask you mother and sister instead of searching out” Kasthuri said in her tweet.

Check out her tweet here :

Since Kasthuri posted this tweet, many fans of the actor are alleging that Kasthuri is seeking publicity by using the name of the actor. Many of them said that those who used abusive language in their tweets by having Ajith Kumar in their display picture, are not the real fans of the actor.

Some even abused the actress for no particular reason. To one of such online user who had Ajithkumar’s still from “Nerkonda Paarvai” as display picture, Kasthuri took time to reply and it is going viral across Twitter. Check out the tweet thread below :

Followed by this, Kasthuri replied to many of such fans. Check out some of them below :

The fan wars and verbal abuses in social media platforms are increasing in daily manner. Ajithkumar is enjoying a huge fan base in the state Tamilnadu. Though majority of them are involved in praising their favourite actor and in celebrating his movies, few of them are involving in fan fights and in cyber bullying.

It is notable that Ajithkumar recently requested his fans to concentrate in their studies and in their responsibilities through a press release. Comment your views on these replies of Kasthuri !!


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