Kamal Tweeted Something & Deleted It Suddenly !! : Actress Kasthuri Offended & Circulating The Screenshot !!

5 years ago

The second episode of Bigg Boss 2 Tamil began with Oviya interacting with the housemates who wonder what she is doing in the house. Senraiyan is especially thrilled to meet Oviya and tells her that he is huge fan. It is, however, Mahat who finds out that Oviya is not here to stay. He, along with the other contestants, ask her why she has just one suitcase and they are surprised to see it full of just water bottles. Oviya’s act comes to an end and she soon leaves the house.



As the next day begins, housemates realize that Balaji and Nithya are married but are not on good terms. They also sit down together and spend time singing songs. The contestants suitcases are yet to reach the house and everyone is wondering how they are supposed to bathe and change. Instead, they get fruits, vegetables and toiletries. After which, Bigg Boss announces the first task of the season for captaincy.

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Three envelopes are hidden inside the house and the first three contestants to find the envelope will move on to take part in the captaincy task. Janani Iyer, Mahat and Mumtaz find the envelopes. They are asked to convince the housemates that they should be appointed as the first captain of Bigg Boss 2 Tamil house. The housemates are then called to the confession room to vote. Janani Iyer becomes the first captain of the house and will not be eligible for elimination in the first week.


Meanwhile in twitter a fan asked actress Kasthuri that if she has interest in watching Bigg Boss or not for which she replied “I don’t have a TV , and I don’d Have any need to watch the show ”


And to our shock another twitter user posted by asking “do anyone has the screenshot of Kamal’s deleted tweet which was about Actress Kasthuri and Bigg Boss 2 ?”

For this user actress Kasthuri all of a sudden replied with a screenshot of Kamal’s tweet and she also added the caption “I was so kicked and then he deleted it.. Even before i cud retweet! ”  Here’s tweet by the twitter user who asked about the deleted tweet of Kamal Hassan :

Here is Kasthuri screenshot reply for him :

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Already in a serious issue where Kasthuri involved in a video which allegedly hurt the feelings of Transgenders. In that issue Kasthuri frustrated of her deleted tweet’s screenshot which got circulated by the fans. She also asked fans not to spread the screenshot to which she apologized already.


Now she is seen spreading screenshot of Kamal Haasan’s tweet. What do you think of this contradictory activity of Actress Kasthuri ?

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