Kamal Replied To Those Who Trolled Him As “Sanghi” !!

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CM / Updated: 2020-12-07
22:42 IST

Actor and Politician Kamal Haasan recently released a video supporting the vice chancellor of Anna University MK Surappa who is facing an inquiry on corruption charges. In his video message, Kamal said Surappa is an honest man who has refused to yield to authoritative pressure. “Surappa wanted to raise the quality of education standards in engineering in Tamil nadu. But will out “corruption collective” let that happen ? They will break anyone who doesn’t bend to their will” the actor said in his video.


Kamal also called out the Tamil nadu government for instituting the inquiry against Surappa on the basis of an “anonymous letter”. He lashed out the government for spending people’s money to publish advertisements in the hope to find any details” the actor said.


“Opposition parties, media, social activists have all been raising their voice against corrupt ministers, have they been questioned ?” said Kamal who also slammed the government for poking their nose in conducting exams and announcing results. “Are they trying to buy out the students with markes just like they do with bribes for votes” he questioned.

Kamal also said that he could have differences of opinion based on ideologies and political opinions with Surappa “But if one is hunted down for his honesty, My party which is a camp for honest people, won’t keep mum” Kamal said who believed that it is not just an issue between an educator and a group of politicians but a war between an honest individual and a collection of corrupt politicians.

In his message, Kamal said that they should not allow the creation of another Nambi Narayanan, a former ISRO scientist who was falsely charged in an espionage case. “We should not let this continue. We must not create another Nambi Narayanan” he said. “சூரப்பா இன்னொரு நம்பிநாராயணனா?நான்_கேட்பேன். நேர்மைதிறமைஅஞ்சாமை” read the tweet’s caption.


On seeing this opinion of him, many people criticized Kamal and said that he belongs to Bharathiya Janatha Party. They said that he is a silent team to BJP and even labelled him as a BJP’s “B” team.


Now, replying to these accusations, Kamal Haasan posted a series of tweets slamming the trolls. The actor said that the intention of those who are calling him as “Sanghi” is to praise corruption. “There is no surprise in exploiters joining hands when a problem comes to their corruption business.” he said in his tweet. “I am a “B” team only to Gandhi and I belong to “A” team since I was 6 year old.” said Kamal to the sons of corruption.

Check out the tweets of his below :

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