“Kaalan Biryani At Rs. 2 For College Students” – Woman Made SM Users To Shed Tears

A promo for this week’s “Neeya naana” show released by Vijay Television’s official social media handles, garnered special attention with immense support due to the participants who took part in the episode. People who are involved in doing service and business for lowest cost made their presence in the show.

Amidst the merchants who said that they are selling Parotta for just Rs. 2 and unlimited Biryani for Rs. 60, a woman who said that she is selling “Kaalan Biryani” and various kind of rice for just Rs. 2 for college students won thousands of hearts. The reason she stated left the netizens teary-eyed.

“Neeya Naana” is a talk show that is being telecasted in Vijay TV for years with journalist, writer, reporter, news presenter/moderator Gopinath Chandran hosting it. The show is known for creating debate between two set of people who have difference of opinions in a particular topic. The most recent promo showed a debate between public people and merchants who do service and business at lowest cost.

A latest promo which was released by the channel management consisted the merchants who sell their products for surprising costs. A hotelier says that he is selling per Dosa for just Rs. 2. An elderly woman says that she is running a hotel for 30 long years. “Initially we sold Parotta for 25 paise. Later, we sold it for 50 paise. Then we sold it for Rs. 1. Now, for the past 10 years, we are selling per parotta for Rs. 2” she said.

“A man who is running a biryani shop said that he is making Biryani with pure refined oil. An unlimited Biryani with 100-150 gram chicken pieces which is also made with Basmati rice and an egg worth Rs. 60 in my shop.” he said.

Another woman who is also running a hotel said that she is selling various kind of Biryanis for just Rs. 5. She also said that there is a reduction in the price for college students. When Gopinath asked why she is making that offer only for college students, she said “Students who are studying in hostel wouldn’t have much money. Instead of drinking a tea with that money to match their hunger, I wanted them to eat food in order to make them study without getting tired easily”

Watch the promo below :

This video won the hearts of social media users and made them to recall their college days and the good hearted people who provided food for them at that time. “She made me cry, I want her to live longer” wrote a social media user whereas another one said “People with such good heart are rare, god bless”


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