#JusticeForRajalakshmi Trending On Internet !! Miserable Story Of A 13 Year Old Girl !!


Police arrested a 27-year-old man after he allegedly beheaded a 13-year-old girl and put her head on the middle of road in an inebriated condition on Monday.

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According to the Attur police, Rajalakshmi (13), a resident of Thalavaipatti, was a class VIII student. She was allegedly teased on a regular basis by neighbour Dinesh Kumar, a drunkard. On Monday when she was alone at home, a drunk Dinesh barged inside the home and teased her.
On hearing the girl screaming, her mother arrived on the spot. However, before she could do anything, Dinesh attacked Rajalakshmi with a machete killing her on spot. Later, he allegedly chopped her head and put it on the road. Police said that after becoming an alcoholic, Dinesh allegedly started behaving like a mentally unstable person.
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As a result of this horrific incident everyone including celebrities miserably shocked and shared their grief about the incident. Infact, those who thought this should be highly questioned in the society trended #JusticeForRajalakshmi in twitter and facebook.
Meanwhile one of the twitter user accused Tamil cinema for making films which involves school love is the reason for this kind of gruesome. He replied to one of the tweet of actor Siddharth saying “Make more movies around love stories of school kids. Make it more popular and fancy. A 13 year old girl had to deal with teenage love story and trauma around it. Maybe somewhere there is a responsibility of cinema in such cases. Try finding it.”

For this tweet actor Siddharth replied “A 26 year old married man killed . Shut your useless mouth, go to hell and take the thousands of idiots like you who constantly confuse the narrative along with you.”

Check out some of the tweets about the incident here :

Let us take our time and give attention to this horrific act in order to stop it taking place in future which is one way to make our living place peaceful.


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