#JusticeForCameron Is Trending After The Tiktoker Got Imprisoned!!

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CM / Updated: 2021-09-04
16:21 IST

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Cameron Herrin, a TikTok user, killed Jessica Raubenolt and her 20-month-old daughter Lillia in a car accident. Herrin has hit them with his Ford Mustang while racing against another vehicle in Tampa, Florida in 2018. He was sentenced to 24 years of imprisonment.


People Are Trying To Free A Murderer Because He's 'Too Cute'
Cameron Herrin

Social Media users have been rallying against this TikTok user being imprisoned. They have given the reason that he is too cute to be imprisoned. Many people started sharing posts and hashtags supporting Herrin. They have shared the posts with the caption, ‘Justice For Herrin’. However, there are debates whether the posts and tags were posted by real people. Social Media users claim that these are posted by real people and not paid for by the influencer.

Some of the people have been mocking these posts and hashtags.


Dynasty Wave has commented, “Pretty privilege is unbelievably real and people refuse to acknowledge it. The world was not built for unattractive people and they suffer every day because of it.”

Similar reactions and trolls are below:


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