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JUST IN : Police Arrested Toxic Madan’s Wife !!

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JUST IN : Police Arrested Toxic Madan’s Wife !!

As an unexpected twist in the tale, reports emerged saying that Youtuber Madan’s wife Krithika got arrested by the Police officials. It has been reported that she was involved in uploading the videos of him in his two youtube channels. Madan was accused of abusing women in online medium and for using a mobile application which was banned by the Indian government. Madan’s wife Krithika acted as the administrator of Madan’s youtube channel, says the latest report of Polimer. She is a software engineer by profession.


It is reported that Krithika assisted Madan in committing various kind of crimes, most importantly, she often pretended as a stranger and chatted with Madan on live to attract more children. In the police investigation, it has been revealed that the duo worked together to gain sympathy from school studying students. They also generated revenue that worth crores, says the report.


Police officials have initiated actions to restrict their bank accounts as they earned money from several underage children and kids who belong to influential families. Police have reported that they bought three expensive cars through the earnings. Actions to present Krithika in Egmore court has been initiated, according to the reports. Madan and Krithika started living together since three years ago and didn’t register their marriage legally. They also have a 8 month old baby, said Police.

Police officials of Cyber department are investigating Krithika to know the whereabouts of Madan and actions to nab him through technology is also being made. Watch the video below :


Source : Polimer

Cases for abusing women and portraying them badly (509), profanity (294 B), Misusing information technology, using banned mobile application has been filed against youtuber Madan who is popularly known as Madan OP aka “Toxic” Madan. He failed to appear before cyber crime police after he was summoned and Police had intensified the search to nab him.

As soon as the audio grabs from his youtube videos went viral in social media platforms, hashtags such as “Arrest Madan OP” started trending. People from many districts including Chennai, Trichy and Coimbatore registered complaint against the youtuber. Followed by that, Police ordered Madan to appear in cyber crime police station but the youtuber failed to so and got absconded.



The Youtube Channel “Madan” was launched saying that it will teach players about the Strategies, Tips and Tricks for the now-banned game PUBG mobile. School studying students who are interested in playing the PUBG game received the channel by subscribing it. However, Madanstarted making contents through abusive conversations and through degrading girls.

After seeing the reception of abusive videos, a separate channel named “MADAN 18 +” was launched. The one who runs the youtube channel, initially hid his identity like the Tamil film characters and boasted about himself through his videos, according to News 18. He degraded girls and abused them in the pretext of being real.

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