JUST IN : Elimination Result Of This Week’s Bigg Boss Leaked !! UNEXPECTED

Elimination result of this week Bigg Boss show leaked amidst much anticipation of viewers. Last week, Abishek Raaja became the second contestant to get out of the show due to the less number of vptes he received. Now, as the shooting of the weekend episodes got completed, result about the most awaited elimination leaked.


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Bigg Boss season 5 successfully entered the fiurth week with contestants playing their mind games to sustain in the show. Namitha Marimuthu, first ever transgender contestant of Tamil Bigg Boss show walked out due to unknown reasons in the first week. For this week, Abhinay, Akshara, Chinnaponnu, Imman, Isaivani, Pavani, Priyanka, Suruthi, and Varun were the nominated contestants for the eviction.

As far as the promotional videos of the weekend is concerned, Kamal Haasan questions Pavni for the confusion that took place in the wash room between herself, Suruthi and Thamarai. In the first promo, Kamal mentioned about how contestants got puzzled about the what are the rules and what are not. Ulaganaayagan said that he also has many things to discuss with the contestants. The other promo showed Kamal directly asking Suruthi to tell about why she invaded the wash room to steal coin from Thamarai.

Check out the three promos below :


The Bigg Boss host is expected to make the announcement on this week’s elimination at the end of the Sunday episode. However, it has been revealed that Chinna Ponnu got eliminated from the show due to the less number of votes she received. Chinna Ponnu was pretty much active during her stint inside the Bigg Boss house and took part in all the physical tasks like every other contestants.

She who lasted 27 days inside the house, has won hearts through her singing and other activities. Check out some of the reactions that surfaced in Internet for her eviction :


Comment your views on this elimination of Chinna Ponnu from Bigg Boss show !!


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