Janani Abuses Gayathri & Says “This All Won’t Be Telecasted” & It Streamed !!

CM / Updated: 2018-07-07
19:39 IST

It is hard not to compare the second season of reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil, to the first. While the latter is more like a bland dish, the first one was a masaledaar Indian meal. Even the housemates in the current season seem bored with the game, leading to disinterest among audience. With the blatant advertisements about mutual funds, Friday’s episode was a bite fest.

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Senrayan and Mahat fought over smelly glasses and the inefficiency of the utensils washing team, while Aishwarya feels like everyone in the cooking team is picking on her. Vaishnavi tries to be the referee in all these arguments and housemates tell her to chill and give the concerned people time to cool down instead of making the issue bigger.


Mumtaz won a secret task on Wednesday and as a result the housemates were treated to a delicious meal. Before the day ended, audience saw housemates gather around chicken cutlets, biriyani and sweets.

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As it all happened on the main show , there is some bizarre conversation caught on Internet where Janani and Ramya explaining the previous season’s story to Vaishnavi. While explaining they admire Oviya’s fan base and gossiped about her relationship with Aarav. Janani says who collapsed their relationship was “G” by portraying bad about Oviya to Aarav. last season’s  contestant whose name starts with “G” are Ganesh Venkatram and Gayathri. Gayathri is the possible one who always seen advicing Aarav in a sisterly way. Both Ramya and Janani both showed their hatred towards the “G” character.



Vaishnavi interrupted the conversation and says “we are not supposed to talk about the last seaso. do we ?” For that Ramya and Janani both firmly believed that it won’t be telecasted. But unfortunately it did in Midnight masala.


watch the video below :

To Listen their full conversation about this click here and watch from 46:35 to 49 :00.

What’s your view on this blind belief of Janani on Vijay Television and their conversation ??

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