Jallikattu. Everything That Has Happened Till Now.


What Nammalvar has warned us has finally made us come to our senses. What we should have done many years back, is finally coming to sense to us. Yes. The state wide protest is what we are currently talking about. Well, I should more precisely place it as a revolt rather than a protest. Yes. We are looking at a great cultural revolt that’d go on to change the entire state, maybe the country.

The words are developed from the words of Mr.Krishna, a lawyer who has been into the protest right from when it started as a 20 member protest in The Marina a week back.

The protest started pretty long back before it was even reported by the media. May 17’s Gandhi Murugan, Naam Thamizhar Seeman, Sivasenathipathi Kaangeyam Cattle Research Foundation’s Karthikeyan Sivasenathipathi, Jallikattu Peravai’s Rajasekar were fighting for the Jallikattu ban right from the time it was banned by the court two years back. But our Nammazhvar has said it like thirty years back.
Right from the time the Jersey cows were imported into India we have started losing the battle. It all started with a little entry of the corporate companies into the Indian market. Since the Jersey cows offer better milk secretion rather than our traditional cows, people started to prefer them. Besides the manure got from traditional cows also started reducing dramatically since the Jersey breed started dominating the Indian market. The manure from Jersey cows were tremendously weaker than what was offered by the domestic traditional cows. That was the first incident we lost. If we have continued being dependent on the traditional dairy and farming methods, we wouldn’t have had water issues first place.
The protest that happened 2 years back was slowly shut down due to it’s low media coverage and a weak crowd pulling topic. Then came PETA. Who knew this corporate would end up uniting all of us together. This has never happened in India. It happened when Mahatma Gandhi revolted against the English in a peaceful way and it’s happening again. Who’d have wanted to fight for farmers back then? Politicians had better stuffs to attend. Kaveri issue was heated up, so was the Mullai Periyar issue. Youngsters had no coverage and they lacked experience. But now, the ice has been broken. First time a corporate has ended up doing good for the Tamil people. Facebook and Whatsapp have brought us together.
The main protest happening around Marina started few days before Pongal. It started with us 20 gathering expecting a huge crowd. But alas only we were there. When we decided to have our breakfast and check back in there were around 300. By lunch we were around 1000 people and back then it was a really huge number gathering for a social cause. And then yesterday happened and around 30,000 people gathered only in Marina. Am not counting the protests around the entire Tamil Nadu but only in Marina around 30,000 have gathered. When they denied basic food items, food started flowing in. When they cut off electricity we used our mobile torches. When they denied basic recreation, every door was open for us. This is the same country were a mass molestation happened in a gathering during New Year. This is the same country where none was able to question the ruling party because every one of us is a ‘bakth’. Finally, the youths have woken we thought. We never knew it was just a teaser for what was to happen today.
And then 18th of January happened. It all started with a small number in the morning and right from then, crowds and crowds of people started flowing in. Now we are unstoppable. Almost a lakh people have gathered here and the number just keeps on increasing. Finally, the center and the state know there’s someone who’d be questioning their inner motives. Finally the national media have started paying heed. Finally the international media have started to consider us. It is a huge victory for all of us, because now we have gathered together. Now we know what we should do when some mishap happens next. The youth have come together and we have come strong.

But what we do next is what would change history. First let’s win this battle against Jallikattu and vow we never use Jersey milk. I’ve stopped using it years back and everyone should pitch their voice in against this. Second, never buy any products related to Pepsi or Coke or any other corporate items of that sort. Not only do they damage our economy they end up doing intense harm to your health. Thanks to coke I ended up with a kidney and urinary tract infection and ended up in the hospital for a long painful month. It should never happen to anyone else. Try avoiding everything that supports Pepsi, Coke or anything of that sort. Thirdly, it’s hard but everyone should try to adopt or own one traditional cow or bull. That’d end up saving everyone of us in the future and never , ever depend on corporates for your life.

Well the protest have reached the climax right now. We’re overflowing with positive response all over the state and yes it is good for the youngsters but never for the current government. The crowd at Marina is twice more than what was there for the New Year and it just keeps on increasing. Let’s make sure we stand our ground and everyone hears our voice. Let’s win this for our farmers and for our rights. And finally, everyone who’s near Chennai, let’s meet at Marina. And everyone else, gather up at whatever protest happening near your place. United we stand, and if we were to fall, United we fall. 


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