‘Jai Pakistan’ On WhatsApp Chat And Students Were Jailed! Check It Out !

In an incident that was reported in Karnataka’s Puttur area, a discussion within the WhatsApp group of college students got leaked and due to this, some of them were pulled up by the police.

Jai Pakistan bola?? Ab toh seedha jail!

This incident was reported during the T20 match which took place recently between India and Pakistan. In this chat, some students were having discussions about the match and one of them stated ‘Jai Pakistan’ as per the police.

Always have safe people in the group

Sharanappa S Dhage, the Superintendent of police told the sources that 1 bad element who was present in the group took a snapshot of the chat and went ahead for sharing it outside. It spread like wild fire in the local area and was brought to the police’s notice.
The students were summoned by the police and were asked to sign a bond. They also verified the backgrounds of the students, after which it was found that they didn’t have any malafide intention to post the chat. Case was closed after that.


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