Jagan, A 28 Year Old Youth From Krishnagiri Got K*lled By His Girlfriend’s Family !! Video Leaked

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CM / Updated: 2023-03-21
19:00 IST

Jagan, a 28-year-old tiler from Kittambatti village in Krishnagiri district, had recently married his love, Saranya, who was the daughter of Sankar, a resident of Thulakkan Kotai area near Avadhanapatti in Krishnagiri district. Unfortunately, Jagan’s parents did not approve of the love marriage, which had caused some tension in the family.

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Live murder

On a fateful afternoon, Jagan was on his way to Kaveripatnam to work on tiles when he was ambushed by Shankar and his relatives. They attacked him with a knife, cutting his throat and killing him on the spot. The news of Jagan’s brutal murder sent shockwaves through the community, and the police were quickly notified.

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The Kaveripatnam police immediately rushed to the scene of the crime to investigate the incident. Upon arrival, they discovered Jagan’s lifeless body and quickly began their investigation. The police also sent the body to the Krishnagiri Government Medical College Hospital for post-mortem examination.

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The murder of Jagan had caused a stir in the Dam Road area, where he had lived with his family. The community was in shock over the gruesome nature of the murder and the fact that it was committed by the father-in-law of the victim.

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Incident place

The police launched a thorough investigation into the murder, and they were able to identify the suspects involved in the crime. Shankar and the people who had accompanied him during the attack had fled the scene after committing the crime, but the police were able to track them down and arrest them.

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The investigation revealed that Shankar and his relatives had planned the attack on Jagan due to their disapproval of his marriage to Saranya. The police have charged them with murder, and they are currently awaiting trial.

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The murder of Jagan has sent shockwaves through the community and has raised concerns about the rise of honor killings in India. Love marriages  are still not widely accepted in some parts of the country, and it is important for society to change its mindset and embrace diversity.

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The murder of Jagan is a tragic incident that has highlighted the need for societal change in India. It is important to recognize that love knows no boundaries and that everyone should have the right to choose their life partner. The police must ensure that justice is served in this case, and the perpetrators must be held accountable for their heinous crime.

Here is the video :

Source : Polimer

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