“It’s Not Me, Report The Video” Anikha’s Clarification On The Viral Video !!

Anikha Surendran, a child artist who appeared in a number of Tamil films, released a clarification video addressing about a viral fake video which showed morphed image of herself dancing for a song. She who is known among Tamil cinema audience for acting as a daughter of Ajith and Nayanthara in “Viswasam” film, is pretty much active in Instagram and is currently enjoying 12 lakh plus followers in the photo posting social media application. In the video, the 16 year old actress could be seen clearing the air about the fake video and also requests people to report the youtube channels which are spreading it.


The fake video which went viral across the social media platforms, had a girl dancing for a song by wearing revealing clothes with Anikha’s face morphed in it. Clarifying about the inappropriate video, Anikha said that she has been receiving the video from many people and confirmed that it was not her.

“I don’t usually do this but I have been seeing a certain video in social media for the past few days. The girl dancing in a black dress. It’s not me obviously and I think it’s a morphed video. People have been sending it to me and I have been seeing it in social media for past few days” Anika said.

“To be honest, it’s bothering me a little bit.” said Anikha and named out the youtube channels which are spreading her morphed video. “I don’t know what to say about it to be honest. As I said it is a morphed video and it is done very well. While seeing it, even I got shocked. Actions are being taken to take the video down from online because it’s obviously not a very nice thing to see” she could be seen saying in the video.


“We are trying our best to get it down.” she added and asked her followers to report the youtube channels to completely stop such sort of harassing behaviour of them. Anikha also wanted to prevent other people from going through such trauma and requested her followers to report the youtube channels.

Watch the video below :

On the work front, Anikha Surendran who is also known as “Baby Anikha was last seen in a web series named “Queen” and she appeared in it as the younger version of former chief minister J. Jayalalitha and is going to be featured in Vijay Sethu Sethupathi’s “Maamanithan”. Apart from appearing in films, Anikha is also known for participating in different kind of concept photo shoots.

With her unique attires and International level makeovers, The actress is competing with the top heroines of Indian film industry as far as Instagram modelling is concerned. The 16 year old actress is expected to play lead in near future and her looks is already being compared with the looks of “Lady Superstar” Nayanthara.

Check out some of her recent post in Instagram below :



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