“Don’t Use The Word ITEM” – Suja Varunee To Anitha Sampath !! WATCH

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CM / Updated: 2022-02-08
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After hearing Anitha Sampath uttering “item song” to mention the category of songs that takes place in films with no connection with the plot, Suja Varunee questioned why the term “item” is being used to mention such songs. She suggested the former news reader to use “solo” song or “glamour” song but not “item” song. Anitha Sampath immediately stopped replying to Suja based on the topic, saying that it is a sensitive one.

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In a recent video that was released in the youtube channel of Disney plus hotstar, Anitha Sampath and Thamarai were seen spending their time in jail. Suja Varunee was sitting outside and conversing with them. Thamarai asked Suja to sing any song and Anitha followed her asking “Is there any jail song ?” to which Suja said “There are many jail songs”

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“There will be many “item” songs based on jail but is there any song about jail itself ?” Anitha asked. “I don’t understand something you asked. Why did you use such term to mention the performers who feature in those songs ? It was song wrong and you shouldn’t use that term. There is some respect for them” Suja said and continued referring Samantha’s recently released “Oo Solriya Mama” song.


“Suja, I myself talked about women empowerment in this same Bigg Boss house. Don’t accuse me of anything” Anitha said. “You should have mentioned it as a solo song or glamour song” Suja continued complaining. Anitha ended the topic saying that she said it only because it was used widely in film industry. “Lets leave this, it is a sensitive topic” Anitha further said.

Watch the video below :

Source : Disney plus hotstar  

However, there is nothing problematic in mentioning a song that is inserted into a film that don’t have relevance to the plot as “item number” as it means nothing but highly sensualized songs with racy imagery and suggestive lyrics. Just like a melody number or a folk number, an item number of a film only refers to a particular category of songs and there’s nothing derogatory for an artist to feature in an “item song”.

Check out some of the reactions that surfaced in online platforms for the conversation that took place between Anitha, Suja and Julie :

As far as the show is concerned, after Suresh Chakravarthy got evicted from the Bigg Boss house due to the less number of votes he received from the audience, Snehan took over the captaincy post which he won before getting out of the house. On Monday episode, Bigg Boss Ultimate show saw the first ever open nomination of the season. Suja Varunee, Julie, Abhinay, Dhadi Balaji, Bala and Thamarai got nominated for the eviction.

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